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A brand new addition to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge has just been announced!  An exhibit called Behind the Scenes of James Cameron’s TITANIC opens today. It’s an exclusive limited engagement that is a must see for 2012! A whole new generation will be introduced to James Cameron’s epic drama TITANIC, when the 3D version of this spectacular movie is re-released April 2012. In anticipation of the excitement it will create, Titanic Pigeon Forge will launch an exclusive behind-the-scenes exhibit that follows TITANIC’s Jack-and-Rose story – on the set, from the director’s chair. The exhibit will also feature props, costumes, scripts and other valuable collectibles from the film.
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Historic romance, unprecedented drama, exquisite luxury and first-class treatment were all part of the RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage 100 years ago in 1912. These are also the words being used to describe the brand new, exclusive Titanic Jewelry Collection debuting on Jewelry Television® through a new partnership between the two companies. Beginning at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012, Titanic Museum Attraction and Jewelry Television will launch an exclusive line of high-quality jewelry, reminiscent of the kinds of pieces actually on the ship’s maiden voyage 100 years ago. Each of the 20 designs in the initial collection is named in honor of actual passengers aboard the Titanic, and are available only through Jewelry Television and JTV.com. Jaynee, the Titanic Museum Attraction’s First Class Maid, will host the hour-long show and share the fascinating true stories of the amazing women the jewelry collection honors.
This is a must-see show on Jewelry Television for anyone who is fascinated by the story of the Titanic or the fashion of that era. For four magical days, the Titanic’s elite passengers reveled in every modern luxury known at the time. Not only was it the most impressive ship of it’s time – draped in every luxury imaginable – but so were its passengers. The women of the Titanic planned for months, just to bring the right fashionable apparel aboard the luxurious ship. Along with extensive outfit planning came the accessories – large hats, mink stoles, gloves and of course the jewelry. Jewelry of that time was depictive of the Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Victorian eras.

Each item in the collection is inspired by an actual Titanic passenger. Examples include “Dorothy Gibson’s American Beauty Rose”, “Madeleine Astor’s Edwardian Princess Collection”, and “Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon’s Couture Cameo Collection”. Viewers will hear the actual stories – some for the first time ever – of each woman who inspired the jewelry designs during the Jewelry Television broadcasts, which will also be available on JTV.com.

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TripAdvisor recently reviewed the top destinations that are on the rise and why travelers love them!  The list is composed of the top 15 destinations and Pigeon Forge lands at number 4 on the list under another Tennessee favorite, Nashville at number 1.  With Pigeon Forge at number 4 they note that with the misty blue backdrop of theSmoky Mountains National Park that Pigeon Forge is a “gateway to 500 thousand acres of Appalachian wilderness.”

If you’re not interested in hiking some of the mountain trails or camping in the beautiful forests, one might head on into Pigeon Forge for some fun.  Dollywood is a huge amusement park founded by the country queen, Dolly Parton herself, that combines rollercoasters, live bluegrass and gospel concerts and even a down home country fair. Dollywood is a long time fan favorite but what makes Pigeon Forge a fun and unique destination is that there is always something new coming to the area!  Other favorites include Wonderworks and the Ripleys Aquarium, along with the very new Titanic Museum.  Also just this past year we had several new attractions such as theLumberjack FeudThe Hatfield and McCoy dinner show, and a Tomb attraction open up in Pigeon Forge and we’re excited for what’s happening in 2012 and 2013!  All these great things are what make Pigeon Forge such a great place to visit!   Have you planned you Pigeon Forge trip?  Get started today!

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