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Our very own Kent Loveday, owner of Riverside RV Park and Resort, has been making an impact on not only the Great Smoky Mountains but also the world.  With mission trips through Riverside Mission, he and his team reach out to local, state, and nationwide needs in disaster times.

The Mission has ongoing support to Sevier County Food Ministries to Hope House Orphanage in San Pedro Sula,  Honduras. Riverside Mission takes 2 trips per year to do food, clean water, medical supplies, reading glasses, shoes, dental and Bible pr
ojects in the most poverty stricken and dangerous city in the world.

Local friends and family and others connected to the Mission go to "Show God's Love in a practical way and to do as much as we can, for as many as we can, for as long as we can...,” says Kent.  This is their mission statement for those they come in contact with.

They go into the city landfill dump and take food and clean water where people live and scavenge for food to keep their families alive. During our 7 day Mission, this is one of the most heart wrenching places they go to meet physical and spiritual needs.

Local OBGYN, Dr Jim Koerten and his wife Karen, met with pregnant women who live in the dump to give them vitamins and help as they survive and raise families in this city dump. Also local dentist, Dr. Steve Madison, goes once a year with
his wife and daughter to do teeth cleanings and fillings for the orphans at Hope House to do tooth extractions for children in local villages and schools.

 On their last trip this past March, Riverside Mission fed 806 families which included 15,000 individual meals and clean water, delivered 30,000.00 dollars in antibiotics and medical supplies, provided dental care, new shoes and Bibles. One of their most heart felt projects was washing the feet of orphans and putting new shoes on their feet.

Below is a video from their trip this past year.  Along with all the great work done abroad, Kent runs an amazing resort right here in Sevierville.   As you plan your vacation to the Smokies, be sure to keep Riverside RV Park and Resort in mind!

Posted: 4/17/2015 2:48:30 PM by Jessica Bookstaff Doppelt | with 0 comments

If you have children, you know how much of a hassle road trips and vacations can be. 

Picking something everyone will like and getting everyone on the same page, not to mention the cost of taking everyone, can be quite expensive.  

Pigeon Forge has a variety of free activities for kids so your checkbook stays happy and everyone finds something they would like to do!

1. Feed Ducks at the Old Mill.  
a. You can also watch the wheel on the side of the mill turn, which is quite beautiful.
2. Hiking all the trails in the park.

3. Visit Patriot Park.
a. Here there is the “liberty” bell, all state flags picnic pavilion and historic patriot missile.
4. Take a stroll through the Christmas Place.
a. Let’s be honest—who doesn’t love Christmas? No matter the age we all have the child in us who still believes in Santa Clause!
5. See fudge being made at the various candy stores.
a. You might get lucky enough to get a free sample!
6. Check out the Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum.
a. It is free admission with an indoor and outdoor museum.
7. Fan of Dukes of Hazzard—Don’t miss Cooters in Gatlinburg.
a. Free to take a tour through the museum.
8. Visit of our many natural waterparks—like the “Y” at Townsend.

9. Bike the greenway.

10.  Picnic at Chimney Tops.

No matter your cup of tea, there is always something to do in our Great Smoky Mountains!
Posted: 4/15/2015 7:12:42 PM by Jessica Bookstaff Doppelt | with 0 comments

Presented by Bush Brothers & Company, Gatlinburg celebrates its rich, Appalachian culinary past with the Gatlinburg Beans ‘n Cornbread Festival from May 14-15.  With games, foot-stompin’ mountain bluegrass and endless amounts of beans and cornbread, downtown Gatlinburg is transformed into a fun scene perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

Competitions between vendors will commence on their best recipes and you help decide the winner. Bush Brothers Beans will obviously be featured throughout the event.  

Just a small fee allows those visiting to sample all the various recipes while supplies last. For more information, call 1-800-588-1817.  Below is a video from last years event!

Posted: 4/13/2015 5:56:53 PM by Jessica Bookstaff Doppelt | with 0 comments

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Laughing until we had tears. I’ve never seen anything like the look on my kids’ faces when we drove down the Parkway past Pigeon Forge attractions. Our hotel was so vibrant and the staff was upbeat and helpful. Pigeon Forge is the brightest spot in the Smoky Mountains. The high energy (and clean language) shows we saw in theaters had everyone in my family clapping their hands…even “sour” Uncle George.

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