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Pigeon Forge Rod RunsImagine any one of the most beautiful cars made in the past 80 years, and you are likely to find it at the 2015 Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run. Everything from circa 1932 Ford Model A hot rods to a brand new 1,200 horsepower V16 Bugatti Veyron can be seen there.

One thing you should definitely expect to see a lot of are ‘50s era cruisers and late ‘60s muscle cars.  Oh, and there are trucks. Big ones. Also motorcycles. Did we mention they have everything?

Come see how accurate that statement is September 17–19, 2015 at the fabulous LeConte Center in the heart of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


A Parade of Stunning Detroit Steel

While the main event has moved inside the LeConte Center, the biggest gathering will happen outside along the parkway. Thousands of classic car owners will be wheeling out their babies to bask in the sunlight and all the attention of the adoring motor-minded enthusiasts. Leading up to the beginning of the weekend you can see car after beautiful car both out on the street and tucked delicately under sheets on the backs of trailers.

Cars are allowed to stay parked for 72 straight hours before they are required to move in Pigeon Forge, and at no time is that law taken advantage of more than the Rod Runs. Many car owners get to Pigeon Forge incredibly early to stake out a spot along the parkway so that their vehicle can get as many eyes on them as possible.

Visitors without show cars also tend to nab parking spots as early as they can so they can tailgate and BBQ to make a true weekend out of it. Still, others set up lawn chairs and just enjoy the entertainment as it rolls by.

Of course, businesses in the area are just as eager to celebrate, so expect live bands and special events all weekend long in honor of the crowds and cars the Rod Run draws.


Pigeon Forge Rod Run LeConte CenterShowing Off the Best of the Beasts

Indoors at the LeConte Center is where the real event is. The absolute top cars all enter for their chance to win a share of the $10,000 cash prize.

Winning categories include “The Ultimate Five” and “The Top 25.” Sponsors and event promoters also get to designate their own special awards such as the “Best Hot Rod” award from Danny’s Rod Shop and the “Cool Pick” from 4th Day Ice Cream, which went to Roy Boroughs’ 1968 “Gold Nugget” color Mustang this spring. Door prizes are awarded to entrants as well.

A massive swap meet and vendor gathering make the event truly exciting for all attendees. Get everything from T-shirts honoring your favorite aftermarket brand to the aftermarket parts themselves at one of the countless booths set up there. Perhaps best of all, parking at the LeConte Center is absolutely free!


Book a Cabin in Pigeon Forge for the 2015 Fall Rod Run

The Rod Run events are extremely popular, so lodging fills up quickly. This problem is especially true among hotels along the parkway, where people want to be close to the action. As a tradeoff, being close to the action also means close to the engine noise. Since many of these classic cars have been tuned to be LOUD and they tend to run around all hours of the night, finding a cabin or hotel in Pigeon Forge off the beaten path may be a better alternative.

Find your perfect cabin in Pigeon Forge and book it today, because September 17th will be here before you know it!

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If you intend on taking a journey up to the Smokies this autumn to catch a glimpse of the jaw-dropping hues that grace its ancient, rolling mountainsides, you may want to start planning that trip now. Fall is a peak season for Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains. From October to Mid-November, throngs of crowds come to witness the Smokies bursting with fiery autumn colors.

Booking early guarantees you a spot amidst the crowd, and it may secure you a better rate. Planning your trip sooner rather than later can also mean less crowds but equally-gorgeous vistas since many families are knee-deep starting the school year during early autumn.

To help make your trip decisions easier, here is a guide to planning a trip in the Great Smoky Mountains during fall:


Do Your Homework When Booking Cabins

Make sure you look up aspects like where the cabin is located so that the image in your head of your perfect fall trip in the Smokies can meet the actual image of your cabin. Look up reviews, find your cabin on a map to see how far it is from amenities and use contact forms to ask lots of questions. With this preparation out of the way, you can be truly excited about booking your perfect cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Look up the Best Trails, Vistas and Guided Tours

Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains offer countless opportunities to gaze upon the vibrant fall foliage. In fact, there are so many choices that you should narrow down where exactly you are going in to soak in all of the breathtaking imagery.

You could drive along Newfound Gap Road or Cades Cove Loop Road to see the trees from the comfort of your own car. You can also hike up Clingman’s Dome, Laurel Falls, Mt. Leconte or other trails to peek out from the trees over majestic vistas saturated with fall colors. If you are in downtown Gatlinburg, the Space Needle offers similar views overlooking the mountain sides below.

An alternate strategy is to beat the crowds by seeking out hidden gems like Rich Mountain Road, Greenbrier or the Foothills Parkway.


Plan for Your Fun-Filled Nights

Years ago, the Smoky Mountains were the only draw in Pigeon Forge. While they definitely have tons of natural beauty to offer, once the parks closed at dusk visitors may have been wondering what else they could do.

Since then, the area around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg has thankfully filled up with businesses catering to the entertainment needs of day hikers whose daylight has faded. Look up which delicious restaurants you will go to during your stay and all of the amazing things to do in Pigeon Forge.

We hope this guide inspired you to begin planning your vacation and, above all, to book a cabin in Pigeon Forge well in advance of the crowds. You will be glad you did when you witness the mountainsides lit up in one of the biggest explosions of color you have ever seen.

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Since first opening up in Gatlinburg in 1999, the Hard Rock Cafe has held true to its namesake by rocking the socks off visitors with famous local and nationally-known music acts. They continue to hold to this tradition after they relocated to their more spacious spot in Pigeon Forge in 2014. Great food, free shows and a generally rousing atmosphere of being surrounded by rock memorabilia makes the Hard Rock Cafe in Pigeon Forge always worth a visit.

When planning your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, make sure you stop by the Hard Rock Cafe so you can catch one of the following notable acts live:

January Gray
August 29, 2015

With sprawling lyrics, soulful cadences and a driving sense of rhythm, January Gray successfully blends traditional Americana music like folk and train songs with a more modern sense of emotion. Every one of their songs is a journey that should not be missed.

The Brothers Rain
September 4, 2015
New Country

The Brothers Rain feels like a different band depending on which song in the set they happen to crooning. Ballads like “One Bullet” feel like a soulful taste of Outlaw Country, whereas energetic covers like “When Doves Cry” set a more playful tone. Tap your toes and dance to the beat of their creative and heartfelt efforts.

Lauren Cole Band
September 5, 2015
Blues Rock
Fun and full of energy, Johnson City, TN native Lauren Cole brings no small amount of local flavor to the stage. Her powerful vocals are backed by an understated but no less talented ensemble that includes the always on-point Josh Shores on drums and Mike Murphy on guitar.

Kate & the Keys
September 10–12, 2015
Rock, Blues, Pop (Covers)

With an enormous catalog of covers that range from Janis Joplin to Amy Winehouse, 17-year-old Kate Keys is bound to sing a song that strikes a familiar chord in your heart. Her three-night engagement at the Hard Rock in Pigeon Forge promises a comprehensive look back at some of the best rock and pop songs worth singing along to.

The Kincaid Band
September 18, 2015

Seasoned veterans of the music scene since forming their first band “The News” in 1979, the Kincaid Band brings their experience to the stage with a professionalism that can give chills. Rock out to thumping tunes that recall the glory days of ‘70s and early ‘80s rock before synthesizers and Autotune took hold of the airwaves.

Leon Thomas Band
September 19, 2015
New Country, Rock

Don’t be surprised if Leon Thomas Band is the next big thing to hit the radio. Their crowd-friendly mix of country and hard rock hits a sweet spot that may make you line up to bring a CD home from their merch table. Expect plenty of twang, both from their electric guitars and Dixie-fried vocals.

Johnson Depot
September 25, 2015
New Country, Rock

Emphasizing compelling vocal harmonies and clean, catchy guitar licks, Johnson Depot has been tearing up the Tennessee music scene for several years now. Enjoy their personal take on modern country rock infused with soulful sentimentality.

Hillbilly Jedi
September 26, 2015
Country, Pop (Covers)
Named after Big & Rich’s fourth country album, Hillbilly Jedi delivers fun on-stage homages of artists that range from the Marshall Tucker Band to Rod Stewart to the Temptations.

We hope that these acts will inspire you to stop by the Hard Rock Cafe for a memorable night of tunes in Pigeon Forge.


Posted: 8/24/2015 7:58:39 PM by Jessica Bookstaff Doppelt | with 0 comments

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