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smoky-mountain-jeep-invasionSeveral times throughout the year, the cool misty mountain air is pierced with the roars and rumbles of classic cars and contemporary showpieces. Pigeon Forge car shows draws enthusiasts from all corners of the southeast and beyond to participate in the hobbies that they love most. One of the most active and passionate of these hobbyist groups are our car clubs and car show organizers.

From brand new Corvettes to antique roadsters and everything in between, you are likely to see vehicles of all shapes and sizes if you visit during these exciting events. Make sure you book your trip early, though, since Pigeon Forge hotels and cabins fill up fast in anticipation of these car-centered celebrations.

To get your heart pounding like a 454 big block strapped to a supercharger, here are some of the best upcoming car events to anticipate on your trip to the Smoky Mountains:

Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion
August 29 at the LeConte Center

Pigeon-Forge-Rod-RunsBuilt on the heritage of the Willys CJ of the past, the Jeep Wrangler has grabbed the torch from its AMC/Kaiser cousin and kept the legacy burning bright. In celebration of this continued birthright, every year hundreds of Jeep Wranglers descend upon Pigeon Forge for a day of exhibitions and a group ride through the mountain passes.

Top registered Jeeps are awarded a trophy. Expect to see new Jeeps, rare editions and even a few vintage WWII Willys models that keep trucking on. Vendors for parts, accessories and outdoor products will also be there.

Shades of the Past Hot Rod Roundup
September 11, 12 at Dollywood Splash Country

Proud owners of hand-built hot rods tragically have to keep their babies under wraps and in garages most of the year. Events like Shades of the Past give them an excuse to come booming down the mountain highways for a weekend of fun. Classic cars like the Ford Model A sit alongside custom sheet metal hot rods and muscle cars from the 1960s for a dazzling display that might just make car lovers’ eyeballs fall right out of their head.

The top cars will compete for the best-looking in each class, the best performance and other specialty categories. Vendors will also be there offering parts, accessories and sundries.

Fall Pigeon Forge Rod Run
September 17 and 19 at the LeConte Center

If the Shades of the Past event was not enough or you just happened to miss it, the Pigeon Forge Rod Run can sate your appetite for beautiful vehicles. Muscle cars, cruisers, hot rods, classics and customs will all be there as well as a few great-looking trucks.

Corvette-expo-pigeon-forge-2015Fall Corvette Expo
October 16, 17 at the Sevierville Convention Center

The Corvette Expo takes class to a whole new level with an indoor display of some of the finest Detroit sheet metal Chevy has ever produced. From the very first ’53 roadster model all the way to the brand new 2015 Z06 Stingray with its face melting 650 horsepower, ’Vettes of all shapes, sizes and colors will be in attendance.

Hudsons in the Heartland XXVI
October 22–25 at the Vacation Lodge

Nothing sustains the legacy of a bygone auto maker like a group of avid restorers and collectors. The Hudson marque may have gone the way of the dodo back in 1957 following their merger with AMC, but enthusiasts keep the models alive and well with careful restoration and loving attention.

To celebrate their dedication, the Smoky Mountain Hudson Club brings their pride and joys down to Pigeon Forge every year to show off their hard work and let the public bask in their motors’ glory.

These auto events are sure to get anyone’s enthusiasm revving, so book a cabin in Pigeon Forge to come see why the Smoky Mountains is one of the best places for one-of-a-kind cars.

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