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Vacation Layaway With Pigeon Forge’s Comfort Inn & Suites

Pigeon Forge Comfort Inn / Quality Inn

Planning a Pigeon Forge vacation on a budget? Check out Comfort Inn & Suites’ and Quality Inn & Suites’ Vacation Value Packages, allowing you to pay as you can for your stay in Pigeon Forge. With so many packages to choose from, your family can enjoy comfortable lodging paired with tickets to Pigeon Forge’s most popular attractions. Visit the Comedy Barn for a family-friendly show of laughs and music, or get a taste of history at the Titanic Museum. The opportunities for fun are endless.

Details of the Vacation Package Easy Payment Plan:

  • $150 down / deposit at the time of reservation
  • Package must be reserved at least 30 days prior to date / arrival
  • Pay any amount you would like on your schedule – you set the amount paid and when payments are made
  • Package must be paid in full two weeks prior to date and / or arrival
  • Packages may be canceled two weeks prior to arrival date with full refund
  • Packages canceled within two weeks of arrival date will receive a refund less the $150 deposit

Choose the room that suits your needs with a convenient and affordable Vacation Layaway Plan. Located conveniently near attractions like Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, Dollywood’s Splash Country, WonderWorks, the Titanic Museum, and The Old Mill Square, you won’t have to go far for a fun time when you stay at the Comfort Inn or Quality Inn of Pigeon Forge.

Comfort Inn & Suites at Dollywood Lane, an award winner among Pigeon Forge hotels, provides all you want and more, like balconies, in-room coffee, hairdryers, irons/ironing boards, refrigerators, microwaves and if desired, family and Jacuzzi suites with gas fireplaces.

A Mama’s Perspective on Cabin Rental

Guest Blog written by Stacie Troutman. Follow her blog for more fun travel ideas for kids.

Over the summer, we took an unforgettable vacation to the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. Because our children were four and sixteen months at the time, there was no question whether we would stay in a cabin or in a hotel.

Separate sleeping areas for all of us? Yes please. A full kitchen to cook our dinner and avoid the restaurant meltdowns? YES. Acres of forest for running around and buffering out the sound of the occasional tantrum from other vacationers? We vote cabin!

Routines and familiarity are so important to young children, and staying in a cabin can be much easier for the entire family.

First, let’s talk about how to choose your cabin. You absolutely must look at pictures to determine if the cabin is a good fit for your family. Look closely for dangers (or annoyances) and prepare yourself for them. If there is room in your car for a baby gate, pack one to avoid a dangerous wooden stair case. Be ready to move the coffee table in front of the stone hearth and to watch kids closely around deck railings. A deck that is completely enclosed by a railing is the best; you can relax while the kids run around without escaping to the great unknown. Our biggest mistake was choosing a cabin without a “yard.”

We made do with the long (half mile!) paved driveway, but a grassy area to play with a ball or a small swing would have been useful. Make sure there is a bathtub and not just a shower. Many cabins have giant jetted soaking tubs, which sent my kids over the edge with fear, but most kids would probably think they are fun. Call and ask the rental company about these details; they can make your stay more comfortable.

When choosing location, that is obviously up to your preference and vacation style. We wanted total seclusion, which is readily available in this area. We stayed a few miles off the Parkway, which was nice when heading out for the day, but our actual cabin was not close to anyone else. It may have been nice to have a shared pool, playground, or yard, but our top priority was a private vacation.

Our favorite part of cabin life is being able to cook our own food. We bring all the dry ingredients from home and only shop for refrigerated items (or items we forgot!) when we get to our destination. Remember, there are thousands of you and only 2 grocery stores. They will be packed. Divide and conquer your list and meet at the checkout. Our favorite cabin dinners are spaghetti and garlic bread, tacos, and burgers and hot dogs. Nothing fancy, nothing requiring too many ingredients or dishes. We always get special breakfasts to eat before we head out for the day. My kids look forward to cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs.

Pick up a large package of bottled water for the week, so you don’t have to buy it while you are out. And above all, snacks! We usually clear out a drawer where the kids can reach granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. and we can keep them in the car to pull out when hunger strikes.

Cabins are priced by size and bedrooms, of course, but also by amenities. Our cabin had three TVs (with satellite) and a pool table. Our preschooler and toddler obviously aren’t pool sharks, so it became a convenient landing place for all our junk. However, if you have older children, they may be interested in having gaming systems, air hockey, or Foosball tables. I realize we come to the great outdoors to spend time outdoors, but everyone needs a break from the heat and the bugs (or the cold if you go in the winter!) and these items will come in handy. And hey, that will give you a chance to catch up on the book you’ve been wanting to read too.

For the littlest kids, I completely raid the Dollar Spot at Target and Michael’s for their cheap little toys and trinkets. When the kids get bored, we pull out a set of those goofy sponge animal capsules or some plastic soldiers for a few minutes of engagement. They have sticker books, little magnadoodles, we get blind bags to pull out every so often, and we love Play Doh. Take the Play Doh on the deck and go to town, kids! Pinterest is full of nature activities, which are easy to do right out of your cabin’s front steps. Make a scavenger hunt for nature items, pack a picnic, go collect nature items, or hand the camera to the kids and let them search for their own treasures.

Sleeping on a vacation can be less than ideal for children. They are in a new place, and there is lots to look at and lots to worry about. We brought our own pack and play from home (but many rental companies have loaners if you reserve them) so that our son would be familiar with it. He of course had his familiar blankie and stuffed doggie. Our preschooler had her mp3 player speaker, nightlight, and trusty iPad to help her get to sleep. Trust me, I am not a “take your technology to bed” advocate, but on vacation, we do what we can! The first night was a huge disaster with our youngest. The screaming and wailing made us even more grateful that we chose a cabin, because subjecting the rest of a hotel to baby screams is just torture. He settled in by his nap on day 2, and we were good to go. Really, every day in the cabin got better and better as the kids got used to their surroundings.

Before we knew it, our kids who had just adjusted to running barefoot on the deck, splashing in the hot tub, and catching fireflies, were all packed up for home. We tried desperately to book one more day in our cabin, but we were too late. It was time to lock up that door of the cabin that we called home for a week. And we can’t wait to get back.

Ready to book the perfect cabin for your family vacation? Get an idea of what your options are for booking a cabin here.

What Type of Pigeon Forge Vacationer Are You?

Pigeon Forge has so many incredible sights and sounds of all varieties that deciding on just a few things to fill your vacation can be nearly impossible. While repeat visits are always the best remedy for that particular problem, it helps to narrow down your interests so you can pick the attractions that appeal most to your idea of “fun.”

To give you a solid idea of what your dream Pigeon Forge vacation could have in store for you, answer the following questions and then total up your corresponding score to see where on the scale your vacation inclination falls!

Question 1: If you could go anywhere in the world for free for one activity, what would it be?

A.    France to sip on wines of the finest vintage (+1)
B.     England to visit Madame Tussauds and Buckingham Palace (+3)
C.     New Zealand to hike along the green hills and mountains from Lord of the Rings (+2)
D.    Does the moon count? Because I wanna go to the moon! (+4)

Question 2: If you were a car, what type would you be?

A.    A Trail Rated Jeep Wrangler (+2)
B.     A Dodge Viper strapped with a jet engine (+4)
C.     A Mercedes Benz with a champagne cooler in the backseat (+1)
D.    A GMC Yukon with a third row seat and a roof rack (+3)

Question 3: What would be your superpower if you could have one?

A.    The ability to read minds (+3)
B.     Teleportation (+2)
C.     Eternal youth (+1)
D.    Super speed (+4)

Question 4: What describes your dream home’s best feature?

A.    A kitchen that prepares your meals autonomously (+1)
B.     A 60-foot water slide (+4)
C.     A noise-proof game room for the kids and one for you and your friends (+3)
D.    A roll up ladder to keep people out of your two-story treehouse (+2)

Question 5: Which of the following celebrities would best be described as “your idol?”

A.    Dolly Parton (+3)
B.     Evel Knievel (+4)
C.     Bear Grylls (+2)
D.    Coco Chanel (+1)

Question 6: You see a bug scurrying across the floor in your house. What do you do?

A.    Call the exterminator and rent a hotel room until they arrive (+1)
B.     Smash it with the closest flat object (+3)
C.     Gently scoop it up and bring it outside (+2)
D.    Try to pick it up and throw it on the nearest person (+4)

Now add up your score!

6–11: Laid-Back Lingerer
Your idea of a vacation is a true “vacation.” You try to exert as little effort as possible while enjoying the finer things. An ideal day for you in Pigeon Forge would involve tasting wine, eating at a nice restaurant and watching a show or a performance. Through it all, the highlight will be the Jacuzzi bath when you get back to the hotel.

Your favorite attractions might be:

  • Mountain Valley Winery
  • Smoky Mountain Opry
  • Parrot Mountain & Gardens
  • Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers

12–17: Backpacking Buff

You don’t really care much for crowds. When you visit the Great Smoky Mountains, you intend to see them first-hand. An ideal day for you would end with you still in the woods, zipping up your tent flap while the frogs and crickets serenade you to sleep.

Your favorite attractions might be:

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Roaring Fork
  • Gatlinburg Sky Lift
  • Big Rock Dude Ranch at Ponderosa

18–23: Family Fun Fanatic

You like a great time, but you don’t want it to be too exhausting. It is a vacation, after all. An ideal day for you would be seeing some interesting museums, enjoying something you haven’t done before like a roller coaster ride and finishing it off with a big meal before heading back to the hotel.

Your favorite attractions might be:

  • Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies
  • Dollywood
  • Dixie Stampede
  • Rock’n Raceway Arcade

24–30: Amped-up Adrenaline Addict

Whoa! Take a few steps back there, wild child! You crave adventure and thrills in any form you can find them. When someone sees an attraction at Pigeon Forge and wonders, “Who in their right mind would ever do that?” you jump out of the bushes behind them and scream, “MEEEEE!!!” Your ideal day in Pigeon Forge would actually be three days, because sleep is for the weak and who wants to miss out on something cool?

Your favorite attractions might be:

  • Outdoor Gravity Park
  • Thunder Dome Bungee at the Island
  • Flyaway Indoor Skydiving
  • Smoky Mountain Ziplines

We hope these suggestions were useful to you and actually gave you some idea of what you would enjoy during your visit to Pigeon Forge. Book a cabin in Pigeon Forge to give some of these attractions a try, and feel free to sample some of the suggestions given to other people to see if maybe you have broader interests than you thought you did.

Budget-Friendly Smokies, Part 2: Vacation With A Large Group


Are you wanting to finally have that family reunion this year that you’ve been talking about for years? Or do you want to get together with a group of friends you haven’t seen in a while?

Regardless of the occasion, The Great Smoky Mountains are the perfect location for a big group vacation!

Is your group on budget? Pigeon Forge and the surrounding areas have so many different options to accommodate any budget to make sure you have a memorable adventure!

Easy Ways To Plan A Budget-Friendly Group Trip:

  • Go with people with the same mindset.
    • If some of the people in your group are known to be heavy spenders, make sure they are aware not everyone in the group is going to be dropping a lot of cash during the trip.
    • Make sure everyone is on the same page!
  • Determine a budget beforehand.
    • Be realistic and set a budget everyone is comfortable with. This will require discussions between all the group members before the trip takes place.
  • Split costs and look for deals!
    • Budget your costs as a group and look for group deals.
    • There are countless cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge that cater to large groups for a great price!
    • Also, fill out our group form, which compiles a list of the best options for you, to make sure you know what is available.
  • Make your own food instead of going out to eat.
    • You can splurge maybe a couple nights but for the most part cook together and enjoy each others company! Cooking can make the best memories!
    • Almost all the cabins in Pigeon Forge have full kitchens, which is perfect to plan budget-friendly meals!
  • Plan for free activities.
    • The Great Smoky Mountains are known for their beautiful views and scenery. How else are you going to see these besides hiking?
    • There are ample amounts of hiking trails for all levels and free activities for all ages.

At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying the time you have with the people you came with! Plan and budget beforehand to make sure everyone is of the same mindset and you are sure to have a wonderful vacation here in the Smokies!

To keep up with the rest of the series on Budget-Friendly Smokies, read Part 1: Planning Vacation on Budget with Kids in Pigeon Forge and Part 3: Where to Eat on Budget in Pigeon Forge.

Budget-Friendly Smokies, Part 1: Vacation With Kids

Pigeon Forge cabin rentals with pool access

Making a memorable and fun vacation with kids on budget is simple—especially in Pigeon Forge! You just have to know your destination and discuss activities with your little ones in advance.

Tips For Planning A Vacation With Kids:

  • Sit down with the kids and research online together.
    • Keep an eye out for deals and coupons on family activities.
    • Make sure to have a conversation with your children before about being on budget and working together as a family.
  • Pick a place to stay that has a kitchen.
  • Since most kids don’t like sitting in restaurants, take a picnic lunch!
  • Have souvenirs and attractions picked out beforehand.
    • Pigeon Forge has an ample amount of attractions, such a theaters and dinner shows, and other outdoor activities that range in prices and can fit any budget.
    • Pigeon Forge is known for having a TON of souvenir shops so give your kids a list of one or two items to pick from before you get here.
  • Find a good car service with deals or stay somewhere within walking distance to your desired activities.
    • Also, many of the area hotels and resorts have shuttles that will take you anywhere you need to go!

No matter what you choose, plan ahead and come with an agenda in mind and you are guaranteed a memorable family vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains! Less is better—especially for making memories to last a lifetime.

To keep up with the rest of theBudget-Friendly Smokies series, read Part 2: Planning a Vacation on Budget with a Large Group and Part 3: Where to Eat on Budget in Pigeon Forge.