Weddings on a Budget

After the venue, the dress, and the photographer, weddings become extremely expensive. Either you plan to do a less expensive wedding and cut some of the things you might want, or you spend so much at the end of the day you are fretting about money. Weddings are supposed to be happy, not something to break the bank.

To help ease the money pain, Ruffled, a blog about vintage style weddings, has a market for used or new items from different peoples’ weddings. If you over bought on glass vases because you didn’t know how many you needed and didn’t want them to sell out, now you can put them up on the market and sell them to other people. Looking for unique items or table cloths? Find them at a reasonable price from the sellers.

The shear amount of items available, and a bit of flexibility on your décor ideas, allows you to spend less on your wedding. You might even find the wedding dress of your dreams!

Visit and recycle for your wedding.