4 Things You Need to Know About Doggywood


Hi there, blog readers! I’m Jackson! I love spending time in the Smoky Mountains and I always have so much fun exploring Pigeon Forge! I’m taking over the blog today to tell you about my paws-on-the-ground experience at Doggywood, the dog-friendly part of Dollywood! Even though only service animals are permitted in the park, pets like me can still be part of your day at Dollywood!


All About Doggywood

Doggywood is a kennel facility for dogs – no cats or other critters allowed! Each pup on the premises gets their own “room” – either a cute lil’ kennel or a swankier, comfier cottage. The cottage offers a little more room and fancier accommodations, but they are more limited. Reservations are STRONGLY recommended, especially during the busy summer season. Humans can call the Doggywood office at 865-428-9826 or reserve online.

Here are 4 quick things you – both humans and dogs – need to know about Doggywood:

  • 1. Doggywood is open every day that Dollywood is open! They share an operating schedule with the park. Pet parents can drop off their pups up to 30 minutes before the park opens and they have until 15 minutes after closing to pick us up.
  • 2. Remember, Doggywood isn’t a daycare – it’s a kennel. I stayed in my cottage by myself all day at Doggywood. The staff on hand made sure my water bowl was full, but it was up to my mom to come back and check on me and make sure I got walks and snacks as needed. The Doggywood staff gave my mom a pass that let her leave and re-enter the park to come walk me and feed me. Doggywood is located just outside the main gates, so it was easy for her to plan her day at the park around my walks and lunch (my favorite time of day!). If you stay here for a day, you might want to bring some treats and toys to keep you busy! Sometimes I get kinda anxious if I’m by myself in a new place, so my mom packed by favorite snuggly lamb toy, my KONG treat and a rawhide bone for me to chew when I got bored, so I wouldn’t cry or be sad. She takes good care of me!
  • 3. Proof of rabies and Bordetella vaccinations is required to use Doggywood. The staff at Doggywood needs to make sure that everyone who checks in is up to date on their shots. Any official proof of your shots will do – the tag on your collar or the certificate that came with the tag. You aren’t required to show proof of other vaccinations, but it’s probably a good idea to be up to date on your other shots, too. Remember, Dollywood is not responsible or liable for any dog that has not had proper vaccination shots. Anytime you’re around other dogs, you’re at risk of coming in contact with germs or diseases. I had Bordetella when mom adopted me – I picked it up at the animal shelter. It isn’t anything to mess around with!
  • 4. Cottages at Doggywood cost $35 per day; kennels cost $25. Kennel runs measure 4-feet by 6-feet; cottages are 5-feet by 5-feet. Both are pretty big and give you enough room to play! I am an only fur-child, but if you have a brother or sister or even a friend, you can share a cottage or kennel for an extra $5 per occupant.

Looking for other options to take care of your pet on your vacation? Book a pet friendly cabin and have a cozy space for your dog to call home for your entire trip. Take a walk on one of the national park trails that allow dogs and browse other fun things to do in pet friendly Pigeon Forge. See you soon!

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