Caroline Sullivan

Creative Director


Caroline Sullivan is a web developer, graphic designer, and content creator from south Georgia. She moved to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee in 2010 and has been with since 2016. Now as an east Tennessee native, she is passionate about the Smoky Mountains area, and enjoys using her specific set of expertise to build useful resources and content for its visitors.

Caroline has hiked more than 900 miles in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and her knowledge of its trails, geology, and history is shared on many pages of this website. Her favorite mountain is LeConte, and her favorite trail is Bullhead.

When she’s not hiking, Caroline enjoys gardening, playing tennis, crafting, and preparing for Halloween. She loves doing escape rooms in Pigeon Forge, exploring Cherokee Orchard in Gatlinburg, and discovering the best places to eat in Townsend.

Favorite Projects: spring travel guide, fall travel guide, Best Of Pigeon Forge, what’s new in Pigeon Forge, the complete hiking section, trail difficulty scales,, the footer of the home page, and her Mt. LeConte trail comparison tool.

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