21 Signs You’re Addicted to Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge has many die-hard fans, but what draws the line between a fan who visits every once in a while and a Pigeon Forge addict who can’t stay away? If you find yourself wanting to come back to this crazy town again and again, you might need to come to turns that your are happily addicted to Pigeon Forge.

Here are 22 signs that you are addicted to Pigeon Forge:

  1. 1. Seasonal Expert

    You have visited during every season. Whether it is during spring bloom, summer sunshine, autumn color or winter chill, Pigeon Forge is always a good idea.

  2. 2. Clingmans Dome

    You have climbed to the top of the Smokies' highest peak, Clingmans Dome, and admired the view at least once.

  3. 3. Dinner & A Show

    You have seen at least three of the fantastic Pigeon Forge dinner shows and you wouldn’t object to seeing more.

  4. 4. Smoky Souvenirs

    You own many beautiful souvenirs and handmade arts and crafts from the area, including an Exit 407 T-Shirt and a Pigeon Forge coffee mug.

  5. 5. Moonshine Enthusiast

    You’ve taken a distillery tour and tasted some genuine Tennessee Moonshine. You might even be well versed in our 5 facts about moonshine!

  6. 6. Breakfast Champion

    While on vacation, you always want to find the best breakfast spot like Mama's Farmhouse and Frizzle Chicken Cafe.

  7. 7. Wildlife Wanderer

    You and the family make a special trip to Pigeon Forge every year just for Wilderness Wildlife Week.

  8. TITANIC Museum Attraction logo

    8. Iceburg Inquisitor

    You have learned about the history of the world’s most famous ill-fated ship at the Pigeon Forge Titanic Museum.

  9. 9. Sweet Tooth

    You find what you’re craving here in Pigeon Forge. With everything from ice cream at Rita’s Italian Ice to chocolates and candy at Sweet! and Crave Golf Club.

  10. 10. All Things New & Exctiing

    You're obsessed with what's new in Pigeon Forge, and your friends are starting to get tired of you mentioning Pigeon Forge in every other conversation.

  11. Rocky Top Wine Trail logo

    12. Vino Adventurer

    You’ve been to a wine tasting at one of the fantastic Smoky Mountain wineries on the Rocky Top Wine Trail.

  12. 13. Fearless at Foxfire

    You have soared from mountain top to mountain top like a bird over the forest at Foxfire Mountain Adventures.

  13. 14. Hiker

    You’ve been hiking on several of the great local hiking trails, such as Adrams Falls Trail, Gabes Mountain Trail and Rainbow Falls Trail.

  14. 15. Best Of Pigeon Forge

    You vote for the top attractions, restaurants, hotels and cabin rentals every year in The Best Of Pigeon Forge contest.

  15. 16. Cabin Fanatic

    Whenever you have any time off from work, you start thinking about booking another trip to Pigeon Forge. Start browsing for your next cabin getaway on our cabins page.

  16. Great Smoky Mountains Railroad logo

    17. All Aboard!

    You have been on a train excursion on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad.

  17. 18. Whitewater Warrior

    You’ve been on a whitewater rafting adventure in the Upper Pigeon River.

  18. Arcade City logo

    19. Arcade Enthusiast

    You’ve spent hours playing games at Arcade City and wandering around the shops and attractions at The Island.

  19. Alamo Steakhouse & Saloon logo

    20. Craving For Steak

    When you think about having a delicious steak, your mind immediately wanders to the Alamo Steakhouse & Saloon at one of their . Yum!

  20. 21. Dollywood Diva

    You're a season pass holder at Dollywood or are always looking for ways to find discount Dollywood tickets.

  21. 22. Socially Obsessed

    You even follow Pigeon Forge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram AND Pinterest.

If more than a few of these signs apply, you might be addicted to Pigeon Forge. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! A lot of other people have this addiction too which is why so many visitors flock to this vibrant East Tennessee town. See you on your next visit!

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