All About The Apple Barn In Pigeon Forge

Most visitors to Pigeon Forge have heard of The Apple Barn. This delightful collection of shops and dining is situated in The Apple Barn Village, just off the parkway on Apple Valley Road. Here you will find a cider tasting bar, a winery, two restaurants, and the original barn itself.

The Original Barn

The barn was purchased in 1972 by the Hicks and Kilpatrick families, and the original structure goes all the way back to 1910. These families scrubbed the barn clean one board at a time and started planting apple trees around the area. The Apple Barn opened its doors in 1981, and the two families' orchard now has more than 4,000 trees.

The Apple Barn
Apple Barn Village

Famous Apple Cider

It didn't take long for the village to expand. The first addition was the Cider Room where visitors could watch all the apples being pressed into delicious cider and then be served a glass, hot or cold. Eventually the scrumptious apples made their way into all sorts of baked goods for visitors to enjoy. Today you can enjoy apple pies, doughnuts, dumplins and more at The Apple Barn.

Folks say our cider is the best they've ever tasted! Requests for a glass on the spot led to opening the inviting Cider Bar, where folks can sample our sippin' cider hot or cold, while admiring the beautiful cherry and onyx back bar.The Apple Barn, About Us

Candy Factory & Creamery

The Apple Barn Village continued to expand over the next few decades, eventually developing a recipe for their very own applewood smoked ham and bacon, and of course their famous mountain apple butter. Visitors can purchase these goods and more in the village's general store. The Candy Factory and Creamery are also guest favorites.

Applewood Farmhouse

One of the most exciting additions to the village was the original Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant, voted best breakfast, restaurant, and southern food in 2019. It didn't take long for the owners to realize the extremely high demand of their tasty meals, and they opened an additional restaurant (The Applewood Farmhouse Grill) in 1995.

Show Village Map

The Apple Barn is located at 230 Apple Valley Rd, Sevierville, TN 37862.

Map of The Apple Barn Village

Apple Barn Winery

Alongside the Farmhouse Grill came The Apple Barn Winery, part of the Rocky Top Wine Trail. The winery boasts a hand crafted flavorful selection made from local fruit. Wine connoisseurs will enjoy both the free tastings and the great selection of wine accessories in the gift shop.

Rocky Top Wine Trail
selection of drinks from the Apple Barn Cider House

The New Cider House

The newest addition to village is the Cider House, offering hand crafted hard ciders on site. The masterminds behind these tasty beverages utilize a sterile filtration method rather than a full pasteurization process to retain as much of the cripsy apple cider taste as possible. And it's more than just apples; there are flavors combined with things like loganberries and muscadines.

Cider House

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