Beyond the Lens! Expect the Unexpected

Theres no question that Pigeon Forge has some of the best attractions in the nation. Pigeon Forge is also home to some of the most unique things to do, and Beyond the Lens! is no exception. With over 150 interactive exhibits, check out what makes this family-fun attraction an exciting adventure for all ages.

About Beyond the Lens

Beyond the Lens! in Pigeon Forge is a fully interactive and unique attraction that centers itself around family fun and immersive exhibits. This exciting interactive museum takes learning to new levels. With an astounding 20,000 square feet of interactive displays, this museum brings fun, wonder, and excitement to visitors of all ages. It is a great opportunity for the entire family to learn something new and explore the wonders of the world right here in Pigeon Forge.

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Expect the Unexpected

From the moment you arrive you’re treated like a celebrity. You’re handed a card to take with you along the way and scan at different photo stations along your journey. You can walk the red carpet and appear as a contestant on your favorite Hollywood game show, take a photo with dinosaurs, get a closeup with Bigfoot, and more. At the end, you get to choose the photos you want to keep. You can purchase prints at the end, or they’re downloadable for free online.

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Enjoy a trip through pop-culture and play some iconic video games from the 60’s and beyond. Immerse yourself in the most amazing virtual reality experiences where you can out-run dinosaurs, create and ride your very own roller-coaster, or walk the famous plank 60 stories high. Aside from virtual reality, Beyond the Lens! has a wide variety of techno-sports games like AR racing, baseball, football, basketball, and skee ball. There’s even two mini escape challenges.

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What do you believe?

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Was the moon landing a hoax? Are aliens real? Beyond the Lens! sparks curiosity on what may or may not be true. There's an interactive map that shows all reported Bigfoot sightings in the United States, a diagram showing some insightful connections to the assassination of JFK, and an alien egg pit that you can jump in and examine some alien eggs while Mama Alien is away.

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Beyond The Lens is home to FlyRide. FlyRide will give you an immersive feeling of flight as you soar above 22 national landmarks, and take flight over America! It is an amazing sensory experience with full motion seats that dip, turn and soar! You will feel wind, mist and other amazing effects!

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Visit Beyond the Lens! and immerse yourself in some of the most amazing virtual reality experiences. If you're planning to Pigeon Forge, check out these hotels, campgrounds, and cabins.

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