Best Of Pigeon Forge: Media Kit

Congratulations on being nominated for Best Of Pigeon Forge 2022! The voting period lasts from June 1 - July 31, and we want to encourage all our nominees to get the word out. Here is the best place to start: Click here to start voting! For more information about the contest, please see our contest rules page and list of categories and their specific qualifications.

Share On Social Media

Share our voting page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter this summer with the hashtag #BestOfPigeonForge. Check out the Facebook preview below for a glimpse at what the shared link will look like on your feed. You can copy the URL to manually share the link, or simply press the sharing buttons to get started. For Instagram posts, use an image from our category collection in the sidebar, and paste the copied link below in your Instagram bio.

Copy the URL below to share!
Vote For The Best Of Pigeon Forge 2022
The voting period runs from June 1 to July 31.

Embed On Your Website

Copy and paste any of the below embed codes into the body of your site's HTML to have the voting link and image appear on your website. The buttons within the embedded objects will open in a new tab and direct users to our voting page.

Website Embed: Footer

Website Embed: Sidebar

Website Embed: Leaderboard

Get The Word Out

More Ways To Share

Restaurants: Have your servers and bartenders spread the word to your guests and encourage them to vote for your business

Shows & Theaters: After the show, let your audience know about Best Of Pigeon Forge by asking them to use their phones to vote

Attractions: Have your tour guides and other employees ask guests to vote at the end of their tour or activity

Email Marketing: Link our voting page and use the above image assets in your usual email blasts or marketing emails to clients

Print Materials: Design and print your own cards or flyers with voting instructions or a QR code to hand out to guests or display in your office

In House: Encourage all the members of your team to vote

Click & Vote Banners

Take advantage of our latest advertising opportunity during the voting portion of the contest. Click & Vote Banners are available to nominees in each category. When a user clicks on one of these banners, the business name will populate as the vote in that category. Limited space available! To get started with a click and vote banner, please contact
Banner size is 700 x 150 pixels.

Animation of a cursor clicking on a banner and populating a vote

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