Budget-Friendly Smokies, Pt. 2: Vacation With A Large Group

Are you wanting to finally have that family reunion this year that you've been talking about for years? Or do you want to get together with a group of friends you haven't seen in a while? Regardless of the occasion, The Great Smoky Mountains are the perfect location for a big group vacation! Is your group on budget? Pigeon Forge and the surrounding areas have so many different options to accommodate any budget to make sure you have a memorable adventure!

Plan Based On Your Group

Go with people with the same mindset. If some of the people in your group are known to be heavy spenders, make sure they are aware not everyone in the group is going to be dropping a lot of cash during the trip. Make sure everyone is on the same page! A great place to start is our blog on things to do with a group in Pigeon Forge.

Group Activities

Check For The Best Rates

Determine a budget beforehand. Be realistic and set a budget everyone is comfortable with. This will require discussions between all the group members before the trip takes place. Browse special rates for group travel and submit a group travel inquiry to find your best options for lodging & activities.

Group Travel

Check For Deals

Split costs and look for deals! Budget your costs as a group and don't forget to check for coupons. There are countless deals and discounts on cabin rentals on our site. Also, fill out our group inquiry, which compiles a list of the best options for you, to make sure you know what is available.

Group Trip On A Budget

Do It Yourself

Make your own food instead of going out to eat. You can splurge maybe a couple nights but for the most part cook together and enjoy each others company. Cooking can make the best memories! Almost all the cabins in Pigeon Forge have full kitchens, which is perfect to plan budget-friendly meals! Check our FAQ page to find a grocery store near your choice of lodging.

Plan To Save Money

Plan for free activities. The Great Smoky Mountains are known for their beautiful views and scenery. How else are you going to see these besides hiking? There are ample amounts of hiking trails for all levels and free activities for all ages.

Cheap Things To Do

At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying the time you have with the people you came with! Plan and budget beforehand to make sure everyone is of the same mindset and you are sure to have a wonderful vacation here in the Smokies!

To keep up with the rest of the series on Budget-Friendly Smokies, read Part 1: Planning Vacation on Budget with Kids in Pigeon Forge and Budget Friendly Restaurants in Pigeon Forge.

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