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What Is An Escape Room? Which One Is Right For Me?

February 17, 2024 Post

What is an escape room? Having gained a lot of popularity in the past decade, escape rooms in Pigeon Forge seem to be all the rage. But what happens in an escape room? Are they all...

3 Reasons Why The Escape Room At The Island Is Awesome

November 19, 2018 Post

By now you have probably heard of escape rooms and the hype surrounding them. I've written about The Escape Game Pigeon Forge (the escape room at The Island) before when I had my f...

Teamwork & The Escape Game: Pigeon Forge

May 2, 2017 Post

You're trapped in a room with a group of your closest friends, and the clock is ticking. You can only escape through the right amount of problem solving, communication, and most im...