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Short Hikes In The Smokies: Under 10 Miles Round Trip

July 26, 2021

Short hikes in the Smokies can be great if you're looking to see some natural beauty without exhausting yourself. We know everybody has a different pace, and the definition of shor...

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Gatlinburg Waterfalls & Where To Find Them

June 21, 2021

There are a handful of spectacular Gatlinburg waterfalls that you can easily reach in just a couple miles or less. Most of these require hiking, but some are less than a mile round...

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Alphabetical List Of Trails in the Smokies

April 12, 2021

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to more than 150 hiking trails. You can find all 800 miles of them below. For more information, visit our hiking in the Smokies page...

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The Boulevard Trail to Mt. LeConte

April 12, 2021

The Boulevard Trail to Mount LeConte is one of the less traveled routes to reach LeConte Lodge. Alum Cave Trail, being the shortest of the six, is undoubtedly the most popular and ...

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Summer Hikes In The Great Smoky Mountains

March 31, 2021

Summer hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains are a great time to enjoy the many beautiful waterways that cross over hiking trails. Pack your hiking sandals and wear a swimsuit under y...

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Gatlinburg Hiking Trails

February 16, 2021

There are a handful of Gatlinburg hiking trails that are easy to reach from the parkway. If you're visiting this popular mountain town, plan for a day of your trip to go explore th...

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Winter Hiking Tips For The Great Smoky Mountains

February 1, 2021

Winter hiking in the Smoky Mountains is a unique experience for a handful of reasons. Of course the landscape looks much different than it does in other seasons; you're bound to se...

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Smoky Mountain Loop: Jakes Creek, Miry Ridge, Lynn Camp Prong, Middle Prong + Panther Creek (17.7 Miles)

November 23, 2020

Smoky Mountain loop hikes are popular options for day hikers and backpackers alike. On a particularly sunny day in late November I set out on this 17.7 mile trek starting on Jakes ...

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Trail Etiquette For Hikers In The Great Smokies

November 16, 2020

Trail etiquette in the Great Smoky Mountains is an important part of experiencing the national park. When you follow the rules - both the actual rules and the understood ones - you...

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Spence Field To Russell Field: Smoky Mountain Loop Hike

November 9, 2020

Spence Field and Russell Field are two popular hiking destinations in the western section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Both areas also have backcountry shelters alon...

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