Game On: Crave Scores Awards For Top Mini Golf

Crave Golf Club has taken Pigeon Forge by storm since its opening in 2017. Featuring both a 19-hole indoor course and a 19-hole rooftop course, Crave immerses visitors into a sugary sweet wonderland. Crave Golf Club has also racked up several impressive awards and is known as the top mini golf course in Pigeon Forge. It is a definite must-do on your next trip to the Smoky Mountains.

Best of Pigeon Forge 2018

Crave Golf Club was voted Best Mini Golf in Pigeon Forge for 2018. This award recognizes visitor favorite attractions, restaurants, lodging and more every year. At the time the award was given, Crave had been open for less than a year & quickly took over the Pigeon Forge mini golf scene. It easily became the top mini golf course in Pigeon Forge.

Best Of 2018 Results

Travel Channel: Best Mini Golf

The Travel Channel published an article titled 13 of the Best Mini Golf Courses Across The Country that highlighted the best of the best mini golf courses nationwide. Crave made the list because of its great reviews, unique theme, and additional amenities including a sweet shop right inside. This big feature increased exposure for Crave Golf Club, and showcased the unique features that the courses boast.

This putt putt course is great for kids. Very colorful and the props are really cool. There is a indoor and outdoor course, make sure you play them both. Also inside they have miniature bowling.Jam71109, TripAdvisor

Featured By Delish published a feature on Crave Golf Club in 2018, calling it a "real-life Candy Land". They spotlighted Crave with raving reviews of the decorations, including an oversized gum ball machine, a peppermint-wheel train and lollipops the size of trees. The story captured the environment of Crave Golf Club and shared it with a very large audience.

Crave Golf Club

It is no mystery how Crave Golf Club became the top mini golf course in Pigeon Forge. With a unique theme, both indoor and outdoor courses, and a built in sweet shop, it has everything you need for a perfect afternoon in Pigeon Forge. Even more new additions are coming to Crave Golf Club in 2019, with 2 escape rooms about to open. Make plans to try out some of the fun activities at Crave Golf Club on your next trip.

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