Crave Golf Club Changes the Game

At their ribbon cutting on Wednesday, October 4th at 10 AM, Crave Golf Club will roll out a family entertainment option unmatched in Pigeon Forge. With 38 holes of customizable play, Crave offers a small batch, gourmet golf experience paired with extra scoops of flavor and fun.

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Grand Opening

With 18,500 square feet of space for dining and play, Crave is Pigeon Forge’s seven million dollar recreation destination. Players adventure through 19 sweet-themed holes in each round, taking the game to new heights with indoor, hilltop, and even rooftop courses available. To put a spin on the fun, Crave also created a new way to play, with spinners at each hole that give players the option to add an extra layer of risk and reward to each round – plus more surprises around every turn.

Crave Golf Club

Designed to satisfy every craving, Crave also offers next level dessert-based dining. Visitors can choose from several snack stops, including a candy store and gourmet milkshake bar, where players can choose from limitless options to create the drink of their dreams.

Crave is a hole-in-one, one-stop entertainment destination that will change the way families come to play in Pigeon Forge. Together with our partner, we took this over-the-top dream of dessert-themed golf and turned it into a playable reality.Crave Owner Chucky Blalock
The partner that Blalock and co-owner Chris Coates chose is Destination2, an attraction-focused division of marketing agency U! Creative, whose resume includes destination attractions such as SeaWorld Adventure Parks, The GRAMMY Museum, Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute, Dollywood, and Knott’s Berry Farm to name a few. With decades of experience developing and branding some of the nation’s most visited attractions, U! Creative delivered and executed this perception-busting take on recreational golf. “Quite literally from the ground up, our team handcrafted a gourmet golf experience that disrupts and evolves what players have come to expect from the game,” said U! Creative President Ron Campbell. “We didn’t even let the ceiling limit us.” Media partners are invited to join Crave and U! Creative for their ribbon-cutting on Wednesday, October 4th at 10 AM, with time for interviews. Immediately following, Crave will be open to the public.

About Crave Golf Club

Crave Golf Club is a multi-level, sweet-themed golf destination for families in Pigeon Forge, offering an unmatched, immersive world of food and fun. With 18,500 square feet of space for play, golfers adventure through 19 holes in each round, taking the game to new heights with indoor, hilltop, and even rooftop courses available. Changing the game, Crave golfers also have the option to customize their play with spinners at each hole that up the risk and reward. Dessert-based dining options include a candy shop and gourmet milkshake bar. For more information, visit

About U! Creative and Destination2

Don’t call them an ad agency. They’re an idea collective. A house of thought and execution. They’re a grab bag of innovators, illustrators, designers, and rockstars who are always in pursuit of the next big idea. Their headquarters, which was one of the last record stores in America, serves as a playground for creative minds to thrive. In 2011, those minds decided it was time for a road trip, so they assembled a dream team of talent from the destination world to create Destination2, the attraction-focused division of U! With D2, they consistently deliver concepts and execute plans that drive greater attendance, higher profits, and better experiences than anyone thought possible... Except U! To see their work, visit or

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