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Ripley’s Fright Nights

October 1-31, 2023

Ripley’s Haunted AdventureGatlinburg, TN

Event Details

Through the month of October, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure will be hosting its annual Fright Nights show. This will be every weekend though the Month of October and also Halloween night. The haunted attraction will be spruced up during Fright Nights with extra scary characters and startling effects.

The theme for Ripley’s Haunted Adventure 25th Annual Fright Nights is G&S BED DEAD & BREAKFAST: “The place where everyone is dying to stay!” Every Friday and Saturday in October from 4pm-close, Sundays in October from 1pm-9pm, and Halloween Night 4pm-close. There is no extra charge for this special show. For more information visit

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