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Baskins Creek TrailModerate

Roaring Fork Motor Tr. / Gatlinburg, TN

Baskins Creek Trail

Distance (One Way)

2.7 miles

Elevation Gain

900 feet


Roaring Fork Motor Tr.


Gatlinburg, TN

Trail Description Written by Caroline Sullivan

Baskins Creek Trail is a relatively short hike in the middle of the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail loop. Its trailhead is near the access point for Trillium Gap, Rainbow Falls, Bull Head, and Old Sugarlands Trail. About a mile and a half into the trail you can take a quick side trail to Baskins Creek Falls.

Just after a mile on the trail (1.1 m) is an additional side trail (very steep) up to Baskins Creek Cemetery. The spur trail to the falls is located shortly after this side trail (1.3 m). Part of the spur trail closer to the waterfall, around when you begin your descent, is extremely rocky, treacherous, and not maintained the same way other short waterfall trails in the area are. The spur trail is about 0.3 of a mile long.

The waterfall itself is unique in that it hits in two different places. The secondary part of the falls is softer, and it's said that old settlers used to bathe underneath these cascades.

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Baskins Creek Trail Elevation Profile

Baskins Creek Trail Elevation Profile Tom Dunigan's Elevation Profiles

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Gentle Slope

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