Little Bottoms TrailModerate

Abrams Creek Campground

Little Bottoms Trail

Distance (One Way)

2.3 miles

Elevation Gain

300 feet


Abrams Creek Campground

Water Xing


Trail Description Written by Caroline Sullivan

Little Bottoms Trail is a short connector trail most often travelled in conjunction with Cooper Road Trail and Hatcher Mountain Trail for a 10.6 mile loop hike from Abrams Creek Campground.

Little Bottoms Trail is not graded and follows a 150 year old manway. It is a curvy one-lane roller coaster of a hike; the little brown book Hiking Trails of the Smokies states that it is "recommended only for those who are sure of foot." It winds up and down and around mountain ridges and over vast systems of tree roots. The short section between Hatcher Mountain Trail and backcountry campsite #17 takes you high above Abrams Creek for some wide-open views of your surroundings from high up on the ridge.

Campsite #17 is located on the lower portion Little Bottoms Trail very close to Abrams Creek. There is a beach-like area nearby accessible on foot right next to the water; it's a nice place to stop for a picnic lunch.

Most of the trail follows along with Abrams Creek. There are a few small water crossing that are fairly easy to rock hop. Keep an eye out for otters in the water and eagles in the sky.


Trail Difficulty Scales Explained

Elevation Grade


Fairly Flat

Paul Petzoldt Scale






Shenandoah Scale






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