Little Greenbrier TrailModerate

Wear Cove Gap Road / Wears Valley

Little Greenbrier Trail

Distance (One Way)

4.3 miles

Elevation Gain

1,883 feet


Wear Cove Gap Road


Wears Valley

Trail Description Written by Caroline Sullivan

Little Greenbrier Trail is an easy to moderate hiking trail that intersects with Little Brier Gap and Laurel Falls Trail. It's a great hike to do in the fall, as the wooded surroundings turn vibrant colors.

The trailhead is located on Wear Cove Gap Road just north of the Metcalf Bottoms picnic area. There is limited parking here; just a space for about 2 cars right next to the trail sign. The first 1.9 miles of the trail are fairly level and easy. Past the intersection with Little Brier Gap, the trail spikes upward and becomes quite steep all the way to Laurel Falls Trail. You'll gain more than 1000 feet in in about 2.4 miles.

At the intersection with Little Brier Gap, a right turn will lead you to a sign pointing to the Walker Sisters Cabin about a half mile down the trail.

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Little Greenbrier Trail Elevation Profile

Little Greenbrier Trail Elevation Profile Tom Dunigan's Elevation Profiles

Trail Difficulty Scales Explained

Elevation Grade


Fairly Steep

Paul Petzoldt Scale






Shenandoah Scale


Moderately Strenuous




Trail Map

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