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Sweat Heifer Creek TrailModerate

Sweat Heifer Creek Trail

Distance (One Way)

3.7 miles

Elevation Gain

2,234 feet


Kephart Trail Shelter


Bryson City, NC

Trail Description

With more than 2000 feet of elevation gain in less than four miles, this trail doesn't have the word "sweat" in its name for no reason. This trail is often combined with Dry Sluice Gap, Kephart Prong, Grassy Branch, and the AT to reach Charlies Bunion.

The trail and corresponding creek got their name from North Carolina farmers driving some of their cattle up this incline for summer grazing.

About 2 miles in from Kephart Prong shelter, you'll find a pretty waterfall down the ridge to the left. It's not accessible via official trail and the route is crowded with briars, thick rhododendrons, and muddy ground; going off trail is not recommended for novice hikers.

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#charlies bunion
#eastern hemlock
#yellow birch

Hiker Tips & Trivia

  • This trail is typically pretty easy to follow unless lots of leaves have fallen; the route can sometimes be obscured in the peak of the fall season


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