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Trillium Gap Trail (Grotto Falls, Mt. LeConte)Difficult

Trillium Gap Trail (Grotto Falls, Mt. LeConte)

Distance (One Way)

8.8 miles

Elevation Gain

3,300 feet


Cherokee Orchard


Gatlinburg, TN

Trail Description

Trillium Gap Trail is one of the hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains leading to Mt. LeConte. It is also the trail to Grotto Falls. Starting at the true trailhead in Cherokee Orchard, the trail itself is 8.8 miles long, 3.4 to Grotto Falls, and 8.9 to get all the way to Mt. LeConte.

Most hikers looking to reach the waterfall bypass the first part of the trail and park off Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail in a lot labelled "Grotto Falls Parking." From this trailhead you'll reach the waterfall in 1.4 miles and Mount LeConte in 6.7.

Trillium Gap Trail is the longest trail to reach Mount LeConte, and it is probably the least steep of all 6 trails. Most of the hike to the summit is enjoyable for a well seasoned hiker who can handle a steady incline. However, the last couple of miles are fairly strenuous.The trail gets very rocky with several switchbacks.

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Hiker Tips & Trivia

  • "Don't be surprised if you run into a pack train of llamas along the stretch between Trillium Gap and the summit. This section of trail is traveled three times a week by llama trains as they transport supplies to the LeConte Lodge." - HikingInTheSmokys.com

Photo Gallery

Trail Map

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