Honeymoons In The Smoky Mountains

In our book, planning the perfect honeymoon is as easy as booking a Pigeon Forge vacation. There’s tons to do here, from just relaxing with your new spouse in a peaceful mountain-top chalet to have the adrenaline-filled adventure of your life. Regardless of how to choose to spend your honeymoon, the simple fact of the matter is that this getaway is part of an even bigger tradition.

Honeymoons In The Smoky Mountains

Honeymoon Traditions

According to one source, the honeymoon dates all the way back to Scandinavia viking tradition. Back then marriage had little to do with love, and more to do with “hjunottsmanathr,” or the capture of a new bride from a neighboring village. The groom would keep his new bride in hiding until the marriage was announced and her family stopped looking for her.

Apparently, this viking tradition evolved into another tradition over the years and generations into a custom in which newlyweds celebrated their nuptials with a cup of honey mead wine every day for a month.

The modern honeymoon we know and appreciate today stems from 19th century England. At that time, well-to-do British couples would engage in a trip called a “bridal tour.” Often accompanied by friends and families, the happy newlyweds would travel around the country visiting loved ones unable to attend the actual ceremony. By the time the 20th century rolled around, wealthy couples had turned their bridal tours into luxurious retreats, often visiting destinations like the romantic French Riviera, Rome, Italy and Venice.

Since then, the honeymoon has evolved into what we know today: A romantic getaway for newlywed couples or a lovers’ retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Who Pays?

As with other traditions, there’s an old way and a new way to handle a honeymoon. According to EmilyPost.com, the groom’s family traditionally pays for the honeymoon and associated travel and lodging expenses. However, today many couples are footing the bill for the honeymoon themselves. Budget-conscious couples and big spenders alike are opening up their wallets to celebrate their big days.

Some couples are opting for honeymoon registry services. Web-based registries like HoneyMoonWishes.com, HoneyFund.com and Wanderable.com let couples choose a destination, then have friends and family either donate money or pay for pieces of their trip. For example, depending on the registry, you can either fund a cash denomination (say, $50) or gift the couple a night at the resort or an included meal.

Pigeon Forge Honeymoons

Pigeon Forge has been a favorite honeymoon destination for generations. Local cabins and chalets, hotels and motels, condos and even campgrounds all cater to the honeymoon crowd by offering unique specials and services sure to make your trip memorable.

Secluded, mountaintop cabins are a popular option for Pigeon Forge honeymooners. Many of these options include romance-oriented amenities like in-cabin jacuzzis and hot tubs, spectacular mountain views and rustic ambiance that really lets you focus on spending time with your new spouse.

City slickers might prefer a hotel honeymoon. Riverstone Resort is a favorite, thanks to amenities like couples’ massages from the spa and inclusive vacation packages featuring deals with other local venues.

Make the most of the honeymoon tradition by planning a getaway you and your new spouse are sure to enjoy!

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