Keep Sevier Beautiful

Keep Sevier BeautifulAn indisputable natural treasure in the Southeast, Sevier County has been capturing hearts and dazzling eyes for generations. This state of preserved natural splendor is hardly a coincidence; it requires the work of federal programs, state officials, local residents and every person that comes to visit.

Do your part to keep Sevier beautiful. Make an effort to avoid littering and strongly encourage others to do the same. You can also participate in group cleanup efforts like Roads & Rivers Day, which asks for only a small fraction of your time to give back to the captivating beauty that has already given us so much.

A Slice of Heaven in Tennessee

Sevier County is easily one of the most picturesque counties in the state of Tennessee, if not the entire country. The ancient, rolling mountaintops of the Great Smoky Mountains have been drawing people from far and wide for hundreds of years to soak in their indescribable beauty.

Several natural features contribute to the unique character of Sevier County:

  • The Little Pigeon River has three distinct forks that wind throughout the county. They all converge and drain into the breathtaking plains of the French Broad River.
  • Clingman’s Dome is the highest peak in the state, and one of the highest in the Southeast and along the Appalachian Trail.
  • Mount Guyot is the second-highest peak, which is located far to the east of Sevier County.

Thanks to the hard work of federal and state protected land programs, Sevier County has been able to remain exquisitely gorgeous while countless other areas of natural beauty succumb to development, urban sprawl and deforestation. No less than three separate areas in Sevier are under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service: the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Appalachian Trail and the Foothills Parkway. The State of Tennessee also protects the Roundtop Mountain State Natural Area.

Contributing to the Lasting Beauty of Sevier County
Even with these conservation programs, the sprawling countryside and mountains would be a glimmer of what they are now without the joint efforts of local residents and tourists. The duty to keep Sevier beautiful must be upheld by everyone who walks along the trails, up the hazy blue mountains or over the scenic roadways.

As such, Sevier County invites everyone to participate in programs like Roads & Rivers Day on September 19, 2015. This three-hour event invites people of all ages to explore the roads, byways, trails and waterways of Sevier while removing waste objects that hurt the environment. TVs, shopping carts, tires and other waste is pulled from our rivers, rightfully restoring the ecosystem to its original glory. Participants are encouraged to come even if they cannot stay the full three hours — every little bit helps.

Sevier also requests that visitors make small adjustments to prevent waste:

  • Keep a bag for trash in the car during your trip
  • Bring a small bag with you on the trail for your trash and to possibly remove trash you see
  • Never litter, even with biodegradable products since seeing things like banana peels on trails detracts from the natural immersion and harms the ecosystem
  • Make note of public waste receptacles in parks and city areas
  • Bring along a personal “pocket” ashtray if you are a smoker
  • Strongly discourage others from littering

We hope we have inspired you to make an impact and add your own personal efforts to the ongoing crusade to preserve Sevier County as one of the most gorgeous spots in the whole world.

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