Make Your Own Knife in Pigeon Forge

They don't call it Pigeon FORGE for nothing. Iron Mountain Metal Craft is located in the historic part of Pigeon Forge, right behind the Old Mill. It sits adjacent to the location of the original Pigeon Forge forge, of which the town gets its name. Pigeon Forge has some of the best attractions in the nation, and is also home to some of the most unique things to do. Iron Mountain Metal Craft is no exception. Check out the best place in Pigeon Forge to make your own knife.

About Iron Mountain Metal Craft

Iron Mountain Metal Craft works to preserve the knowledge, art, and skills of blacksmithing and blade-smithing. It is obvious that each one of their staff share the same goal of educating guests on the history and technique of the trade. Iron Mountain Metal Craft sponsors a variety of skill and knowledge building workshops, and they are extremely family-oriented.

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Forged in Fire Favorite

Iron Mountain Metal Craft is run by Forged in Fire fan favorite, Robby Bowman. Robby is also known as the "Smoky Mountain Cowboy '' and for his signature phrase, "Wooooo!". He brings charisma and a life-time worth of skill to the shop. Robby Bowman is a great instructor whether you are forging a Nail Knife or working through a Dream Knife with him.

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Make Your Own Knife

Iron Mountain Metal Craft offers a variety of lessons, from beginner and intermediate lessons including the Horseshoe Knife and the iconic Railroad Spike Knife. Prices range from $20 to $100. If you have always dreamed of making your own knife from raw materials, but didn’t know where to start, you can take part in their Dream Package. During a “Dream Knife Class” you will receive one-on-one instruction from Robby Bowman himself, and learn skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Getting Your Hands Dirty

When I arrived at Iron Mountain Metal Craft, Robby greeted me with an incredible sense of Pigeon Forge hospitality. He asked me, "Do you want to make your own knife out of a railroad spike?", and I accepted without hesitation. From there, I rolled up my sleeves, put on an apron, and began the process of forging my very own knife.

I met one of their blacksmiths over at the anvil, where he walked me through the steps of making my own knife. There was a mark on the anvil where he wanted me to hit each time. He would hold the railroad spike for me while I hammered away. After I understood the process, he began heating up my soon-to-be knife and I got to work.

Before I knew it, my railroad spike looked more and more like a knife. It only took a couple rounds of heating and hammering for my former railroad spike to take the shape of a knife. After the hammering finished, he showed me how to put the twist in the handle. I completed adding a twist, the next step was sharpening the blade. For safety reasons, their blade-smith sharpens your knife for you but you are next to them for the entire process, watching their techniques first hand.

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Forge a Memory

That’s it! Within an hour I left with my very own, high quality knife. I would never describe myself as a “knife guy”, but I walked out of Iron Mountain Metal Craft proud of having made something by hand. Now, I have a memory that will last a lifetime. While I may not be a knife collector, I do enjoy a memorable keepsake. I’m eager to keep this knife through the years, and hopefully pass it down through the generations.

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Personalize Your Sheath

Included in the cost of every knife is a custom made leather sheath by Laying J Leather. After you make your own knife you’re encouraged to head next door to their shop and get your sheath engraved with anything you’d like. Many people choose their last name, the date, or a special message. I got my last name engraved for only $5, and it was a great finishing touch to my hand-crafted knife.

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5th Annual IMMC Grudge Match

On September 23rd - 25th, Iron Mountain Metal Craft will be hosting their 5th Annual Grudge Match. Forged in Fire contestants from several seasons will be coming out to compete against each other. The contestants will be calling each other out for battle and then at the end of each round, the audience will pick the winner. The knives are then raffled off to the public.

Event Details

For more information on Iron Mountain Metal Craft, you can visit their Facebook or website, or call the shop directly at (865) 365-4344.

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