Nominate The Best Of Pigeon Forge 2018

Nomination Period: May 7 – 25

It’s time to nominate your favorite businesses for the Best Of Pigeon Forge 2018! Fill out your choices in the form below to nominate businesses in each category. When the voting period begins on June 4, you will be able to vote for your nominees. After filling our your nominations you must enter your email (to filter out bots and spam) at the end of the form to submit your choices. Got questions? Check out the Best of Pigeon Forge FAQ below the nomination form. You can also take a look at the results from last year by clicking here.

Best Of Lodging 2018

Best Of Dining 2018

Best Of Drinks 2018

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Best Of Outdoors 2018

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Best Of Pigeon Forge FAQ

Q: Where can I nominate an additional category?

A: If you don't see the category that you would like to nominate, please fill out the form below to add it in.

Q: Can I nominate more than once?

A: You may nominate one business in each category per email address you use to submit your nomination form. If you fill out the form a second time and enter the same email address, you will be prompted with the option to change your nominations.

Q: Why do I have to enter my email address?

A: Entering your email address helps us confirm that you are human and not a bot or another form of spam. We do not use your email address for any other purpose unless you choose to opt in to our weekly newsletter.

Q: Do I have to nominate a business in every category?

A: No, not every category is required. But we encourage you to fill out as many as possible! If you need ideas for nominees, check out some of these pages: cabin rentals, vacation rentals, hotels, campgrounds, condos, pet friendly lodging, restaurants, attractions, and outdoors.

Q: Does my nomination count as a vote?

A: No, but you will be able to vote for your nominees during the voting period this summer from June 4 through July 27. For updates on when voting goes live and results are announced, be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Q: Wasn't there a wedding section last year?

A: Yes, in the past we have had a small section in our Best Of Pigeon Forge contest for wedding categories. We have plans to expand on that section further, and have decided to separate it from the main portion of the contest. So if you are looking to vote for the best wedding venues, chapels, catering, and more - don't worry, you'll get the chance at a later date.