Revel in Yesteryear with Pigeon Forge Old Time Photos

Pigeon Forge old time photos are a fun way to enjoy a true blast from the past. For some folks, visiting Pigeon Forge is like stepping back in time. Many families have vacationed in the Great Smoky Mountains for generations, with many happy memories made in the mountains and along the Parkway.

Vintage portrait

Pigeon Forge Old Time Photos

Looking for both novelty and nostalgia? You'll love posing for old time photos. Old time photos are taken in modern times with modern equipment, but with costumes and backdrops designed to look like days gone by. Printed photos and digital images are edited to look like they are truly from another era, complete with sepia tones and vintage vibes.

Old Time Photo at Three Bears

The award winning shop on the parkway Three Bears General Store is home to an eleven-scene old time photo studio where you can "sit a spell on the porch" and have your old time portrait taken. This is a great idea for bachelor parties, family reunions, or whatever brings your group to the Great Smoky Mountains area.

Three Bears General Store

What is the Old Time Photo Experience Like?

The old time photo studios you'll find in Pigeon Forge offer a truly unique experience. Each studio boasts a collection of costumes from all eras and in all sizes, so there's truly something for everyone! Pose for Pigeon Forge old time photos with your family, friends, partner, or even a solo portrait, and see yourself in a totally different century!

Pigeon Forge old time photos

Cost Of Old Time Photos

Session sittings fees cost as little as $10, with prints also costing as little as $10. You might pay a little more to receive digital images from your session, but the likes you'll get when sharing your vintage-inspired photos on Facebook and Instagram will be well worth it! There are several old time photo studios in Pigeon Forge and each one is a little different. Some require you to book an appointment, and others take walk-ins.

Getting in front of the camera for old time photos in Pigeon Forge lets your imagination and creativity run wild. See yourself as a beautiful Southern Belle, a courageous cowboy from the Wild West, or even a gangster from the Roaring '20s! Old time photos make the perfect Pigeon Forge souvenir and a memorable vacation experience. Old time photos are just one way to embrace history and make smoky mountain memories! Start planning your next adventure by browsing things to do in Pigeon Forge now.

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