Hollywood Wax Museum Brings Zombies to Life with New Attraction

Outbreak Pigeon Forge is Hollywood Wax Museum‘s newest thrill attraction, is now open and ready for it’s newest victims! With a thrilling haunted walk-through, visitors are filled with energy and adrenaline as they make their way through past the undead.

Outbreak Pigeon Forge

Taking place in the laboratory of ChemaCorp, global leader in biotechnology, defense contracting and medical research, guests will come face to face with a military experiment taking a turn for the worst. A viral compound, Alpha Strain, used to enhance soldier DNA, has turned the test subjects into very aggressive zombies who are unstoppable.

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Hollywood Wax Museum Brings Zombies to Life with New Attraction Tickets

Get ready for a screaming good time! Next stop: Chemacorp Laboratory. You’ll hear a closed-circuit broadcast updating you on their experiments with the gene-altering Alpha Strain. But, uh oh, the results become apparent when an emergency is triggered and you have to walk through the now zombie-infested facility. You may want to hold hands – but not with a zombie! – as you experience the fun scares and surprises throughout.Hollywood Wax Museum
outbreak pigeon forge

Dread The Undead

Each time they are triggered, the hyper-realistic zombies can choose how they move at random. It is a lifelike performance, and the characters never move the exact same way twice. Combining, sights, fog, sounds, aerosol attacks and smells that confuse the senses, guests start to question the difference between fiction and reality. Outbreak had two Emmy-award-winning sound designers design its audio, which has five unique scents at key locations to make the attraction that much more creepy and alluring.

Alongside Hollywood Wax Museum, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and Castle of Chaos, Outbreak Pigeon Forge will be included in the new All Access Pass, which provides visitors the opportunity to experience all four of these attractions at a discounted price. The facility is open from 9 am until late, 365 days a year. Visit their website for more information.

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