Pack Like a Pro for Your Pigeon Forge Adventure

Pigeon Forge’s attractions range from breathtaking Smoky Mountain adventures to gourmet dining and big-city-style shows and entertainment. With so much to do, packing the right clothing and accessories is a must. Look your best and stay comfortable no matter whether you’re hitting the hiking trails or painting the town red with the handy packing tips below.

Pigeon Forge Weather

The temperature in the Smokies can fluctuate more than 20 degrees on a spring or summer day. Layers are essential! Even if you’re travelling in the dog days of summer, you’ll want to bring a sweatshirt or light jacket. Mornings and evenings can be chilly in Pigeon Forge. For more specific seasonal information, check out our Pigeon Forge weather page.



If hiking or other outdoor activities in the National Park are on your agenda (and we hope they are!), you’ll likely be most comfortable in lightweight pants or shorts and a breathable knit or woven top. Don’t forget bug spray, sunscreen or rain gear -- summer thunderstorms and showers are common, but the sun quickly returns to dry your clothes out!


You’ll also want to bring hiking boots or sturdy outdoor-style athletic shoes. If horseback riding is on your agenda, you’ll be most comfortable in jeans or long pants -- there’s a reason cowboys wear Wranglers! If you plan on a rafting adventure in the Smokies, be sure to bring waterproof shoes. Outdoor enthusiasts swear by sandals/shoes by Keen.


Most Pigeon Forge restaurants are low-key and casual. Men will blend in just fine while sporting khakis and a sport shirt; ladies might want to wear slacks/trousers and a simple top or a casual dress. It can get chilly (especially if your table is near the A/C vent), so remember a cardigan or lightweight blazer/jacket. Remember: You'll want to comfortably be able to walk down the parkway to check out the attractions!


12 Packing Hacks to Make Your Next Vacation Simple

  • When packing clothes that wrinkle easily, place each item in a dry cleaner’s bag or even a tall kitchen trash bag, then carefully roll or fold the clothing. Packing with plastic will prevent wrinkles and make sure each item arrives uncreased.
  • Pack for the best-case scenario. Yes, Smoky Mountain weather can be unpredictable – even in the summer. Rather than pack all your rain gear, bring a few light layers. Remember, you can always pick up a poncho in case of inclement weather. Pack light with this mantra: When in doubt, leave it out.
  • Save space in your luggage by rolling clothing rather than folding. Not only will this help prevent wrinkles, but it will also maximize your suitcase real estate.
  • Casual is king in Pigeon Forge. One of my favorite things about the Smoky Mountains is our laid-back vibe. You’ll be able to wear your casual attire almost everywhere along the Parkway. Save space in your luggage by leaving your dressy duds at home. Dress up for an evening out by adding sparkling earrings or bold lipstick to your daytime attire.
  • Take advantage of what’s around to packing easy. One of my favorite tips is to use a hotel shower cap to wrap around muddy shoes or hiking boots to keep your suitcase and other items clean on a return trip.
  • Maximize space inside your suitcase by taking advantage of every inch of available space. Tuck socks, toiletries and other small items inside your shoes for secure travel.
  • Slip breakable items (like your perfume or cologne bottle) in your socks for makeshift insulation against breakage. Do the same with figurines and other fragile souvenirs on your return trip.
  • You can prevent liquid or gel products from leaking inside your bag with plastic wrap. Simply cut a small square, unscrew the product’s lid, set the wrap on top, and screw the lid back on. Even if the lip pops off in during travel, no product should leak out.
  • Take advantage of sample-sized products to save space in your beauty bag when travelling. Many department stores will happily dole out trial-sized vials of your favorite beauty products.
  • Leave your laptop at home. There’s no need to bring a computer with you on vacation, especially in today’s world of tablets and smart phones. You’re taking a Pigeon Forge vacation to escape, not catch up on work!
  • If you’re like me and travel a lot, keep a spare dopp kit or cosmetics bag stocked with your favorite products. This way, you can just stash it in your bag and go without worry.
  • If you’re flying, remember to keep medications, a spare outfit and other essentials in your carry-on bag. There’s always a slight chance that your checked luggage won’t arrive with you. This way, you’ll be comfortable until you’re reunited with the rest of your luggage.

Take the stress out of prepping for your upcoming Smoky Mountain vacation by packing smarter! Not only does this mean you’ll arrive in Pigeon Forge with fewer wrinkles and lighter luggage, but it also means you’ll have more room in your suitcase for souvenirs on your way home!

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