Budget-Friendly Smokies, Part 1: Vacation With Kids

Pigeon Forge cabin rentals with pool access

Making a memorable and fun vacation with kids on budget is simple—especially in Pigeon Forge! You just have to know your destination and discuss activities with your little ones in advance.

Tips For Planning A Vacation With Kids:

  • Sit down with the kids and research online together.
    • Keep an eye out for deals and coupons on family activities.
    • Make sure to have a conversation with your children before about being on budget and working together as a family.
  • Pick a place to stay that has a kitchen.
  • Since most kids don’t like sitting in restaurants, take a picnic lunch!
  • Have souvenirs and attractions picked out beforehand.
    • Pigeon Forge has an ample amount of attractions, such a theaters and dinner shows, and other outdoor activities that range in prices and can fit any budget.
    • Pigeon Forge is known for having a TON of souvenir shops so give your kids a list of one or two items to pick from before you get here.
  • Find a good car service with deals or stay somewhere within walking distance to your desired activities.
    • Also, many of the area hotels and resorts have shuttles that will take you anywhere you need to go!

No matter what you choose, plan ahead and come with an agenda in mind and you are guaranteed a memorable family vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains! Less is better—especially for making memories to last a lifetime.

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