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Easy Tips To Plan Your Perfect Marriage Proposal

When it comes time to propose to the love of your life, there’s boundless excitement that may also be accompanied by nerves. From picking a venue to finding the ring, knowing where to start can be hard when there seems to be an endless to-do list. It can all become a little stressful. That is why we have compiled a few proposal ideas, essentials and tips to get you started, and down on one knee to pop the question in no time.

Proposal Ideas

Get Inspiration

If you’re at a loss as to how to propose, start small, and look up some ideas on social platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. Save your favorite proposal ideas, and then maybe share with family or friends. Get their input and brainstorm some different options for proposing. If you’re still unsure of where to start, try looking into hiring a professional proposal planner.


Hiring a professional planner can help to relieve some stress and ensure all of the minor details are taken care of. You'll be able to share your proposal ideas and get their input and suggestions. They will help take you through all the steps to make the perfect proposal, along with taking care of any booking, scheduling, and budget needs. Check out these helpful tips to find the perfect proposal planner for you, and all of the benefits they offer to make sure your engagement runs smoothly.

Proposal Ideas

Finding The Ring

The most important element of the proposal is the ring that is going to symbolize your engagement and the love you share. There are so many styles and options, that it can become stressful to find just one that really stands out. Take your partners style into consideration to help narrow down your choices, and maybe even consult with your partner. Many modern brides are getting involved in the ring shopping process, making it something fun for couples to do together, and ensuring they get the ring of their dreams.

You can also shop for the wedding bands at the same time, to make it a one stop shopping experience! This cuts down on stress during the chaotic wedding planning process as well. Online jewelers are another timely option to find your perfect wedding bands and engagement ring to match. This comes in handy if you are in a time crunch or even if you’re traveling for your proposal! Online jewelers have the flexibility to ship your ring right to your destination, so no stressing over security check spoiling your surprise.

Proposal Ideas

Hire A Photographer

Having a photographer present can make sure you have a keepsake and tangible memory of your proposal to cherish for years to come. When reaching out to photographers, shop around to find the one that matches your style, budget, and availability. Sit down a few weeks in advance, and have all of your details prepared, so that you know your price range ahead of time. Also, look over the site of your proposal together to make sure they are able to capture the perfect angle of your proposal!

Then, set up a photoshoot after to capture some in the moment engagement shots. Having professional photos taken can also give you options for your save the date invitations! This adds a personal and intimate look into your special moment, and creates a modern invitation design. Couples are also including a website with all of their wedding info, and a proposal story on sites like The Knot. This can act as a great place to share your moment. Or, it gives you options to announce on your social pages! No matter how you use them, it’s always a fun idea to capture this momentous step in your relationship.

Post Proposal Plans

Plan a little post proposal getaway with your new fiancé to celebrate starting this new exciting chapter together. Having time to really let it sink in and spend a little extra time together can be a great way to have some calm before the wedding planning storm. It also gives you a chance to share in the moment together before making it known to friends and family. Keeping it to yourselves a little longer just adds to the special day.

1 Bedroom Cabins

Once you have reveled in it together, plan a family and friend get together to celebrate the wonderful news! This is the perfect backdrop to announce to all of your loved ones and celebrate this exciting new adventure together. Check out these ideas for planning a proposal announcement party to help you plan ahead, and celebrate with those who matter most.