A Pigeon Forge Tradition: Lid’l Dolly’s Factory Store

Lid'l Dolly's

Lid'l Dolly's Tradition

Lid'l Dolly's Factory Store is located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. The store has grown into an enormous factory filled with southern handcrafted dresses, hundreds of beautiful quilts, throws, blankets, accessories, and so much more. The store has been a part of the Pigeon Forge community for over twenty five years, and acknowledged by many locals because of it's southern charm and traditional presence.

If you aren't close to town or just feel like checking out Lid'l Dolly's products, you can head on over to their online store at your convenience. Their online site will give you an glimpse into just how remarkable this southern east Tennessee factory store really is!

Lid'l Dolly's Dresses

The long-established Factory Store is well-known for its handcrafted heirloom dresses that are carefully made right in the store. They offer a wide variety of dresses from southern belle look, western, inspirational, seasonal, and even a look for almost every holiday! Lid'l Dolly's has matching dress sets for your little girl and for her favorite doll along with a variety of bloomers, bonnets, and bows to choose from.

Lid'l Dolly's Dresses

There are hundreds of dresses, each hand made in the store, so there is sure to be a match for everyone! We went behind the scenes and met the dressmakers who create each beautiful southern belle dresses, and if you listen carefully in the store you can hear the sewing machines whirring away.

Quilts and Throws

Lid'l Dolly's Factory Store offers the largest selection of quilts in the Southeastern United States. They have over three hundred designs to choose from! A variety of the select designs have matching quilts, throws, and shams to decorate your entire room. Lid'l Dolly's focuses on two types of quilts: printed and patchwork, which are made out of high-quality, pre-washed cotton.

Lid'l Dolly's

Order Online

The quilts they offer come at a wide variety of prices, so if you are looking for an affordable quilt, or a more expensive and luxurious quilt, Lid'l Dolly's is sure to have it! These quilts also carry long-established recognition around Tennessee, especially the Great Smoky Mountains. If you have stayed in a cabin in Smokies, you have most likely seen one of Lid'l Dolly's quilts. This is no surprise when it comes to the amount of attention that goes into making these quilts. So, head on over to their website and add a little Tennessee southern charm to your home!

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