PigeonForge.com Shares Top-Requested Cabin Amenities

Pigeon Forge Cabin amenities

There’s no denying it: A Pigeon Forge cabin rental is an excellent way to experience life in the Great Smoky Mountains. By analyzing data extracted from site search analytics, Jessica Bookstaff Doppelt, owner of PigeonForge.com, has come up with a list of the top Pigeon Forge cabin amenities as requested by visitors for folks seeking Pigeon Forge cabin rentals. Not only is this information useful for those planning a Smoky Mountain vacation, but as a tourism expert, Doppelt encourages local businesses to use this information when marketing their lodging options to the public.

The top 5 most requested Pigeon Forge cabin amenities are:

1. Swimming Pool or pool access
2. Indoor pool
3. Hot tub or sauna
4. Game room or arcade room
5. Fishing access

“There is so much to see and to enjoy here in the Smoky Mountains,” Doppelt said. “It’s easy for those of us lucky enough to live here to take some of these amenities for granted. Imagine how refreshing it would be to kick back in a sauna after a long day of hiking in the Smokies or escaping the East Tennessee sun by splashing around in a private pool.”

Doppelt hopes the information she’s gathered will help families planning a Smoky Mountain getaway hone in on what’s most important to them when booking their cabin.

“Pigeon Forge is a family friendly destination and there’s nothing better than spending quality time with loved ones here in the mountains. There’s something special about the connections we share here,” she said.

She invites those interested in Pigeon Forge cabin rentals to click over to PigeonForge.com for additional information. By following the “Stay Awhile” tab, users can instantly connect with detailed listings about local lodging options ranging from Cabins and Chalets, to Hotels and Motels, and even browse Condos and more!

Jessica Doppelt, Owner of PigeonForge.com