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Craftsman’s Valley

Tennessee Tornado in Craftsman's Valley, DollywoodOne thing that makes the Smoky Mountains unique is our dedication to self-sufficiency and opportunism, and that industrious spirit thrives on in Craftsman’s Valley! This area of the park offers an authentic East Tennessee experience, thanks to attractions including:

Calico School House: See what you’d find in an 1880s school house here in the hills of Tennessee. This rustic log cabin schoolhouse is a primer lesson in local history – slate tablets included.

Blazing Fury: Take a wild ride on this steel coaster. Blazing Fury in a fun, fire-themed coaster that will ignite smiles and fun for all brave enough to ride!

Daredevil Falls: This wet and wild ride shows off some of the scarier sides of the Smokies. Ride the rapids and avoid the bears!

Tennessee Tornado: We don’t see many twisters here in the Great Smoky Mountains, but you can experience the thrills of the weather wonder on the Tennessee Tornado. This steel roller coaster reaches a top height of 110-feet for a quick drop and twisty turns. The ride’s first three seats are equipped with built-in video cameras. See a video of your ride, and even upload it to YouTube to share with friends!

Robert F. Thomas Chapel: Take a timeout for peace, quiet and worship at this replica pioneer chapel. Every Sunday morning from late March through late October, 30-minute, non-denominational services take place at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

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Daredevil Falls in Craftsman's Valley Dollywood