River Rat Tubing In The Smoky Mountains

It's going to be a hot, fun summer here in Pigeon Forge. When you visit, you'll want to plan some time on the water to cool down. What better way to enjoy the river than on a fun float with Smoky Mountain River Rat? River Rat offers Pigeon Forge tubing and whitewater rafting for guests to enjoy during the summer months.

River Rat Tubing

Smoky Mountain River Rat is family owned and operated and has been providing river adventures since 1995. They operate tubing out of Townsend and rafting out of Hartford. All locations have changing rooms and restrooms available for guests. They also provide life jackets to all rafters and tubers for safety.

River Rat Information

Know Before You Go

Tubing at River Rat is fun for the whole family. Rafting at River Rat takes you down the Little River on a scenic float. Here are some things you'll want to know before you go to prepare for the fun.

Tubing outpost building at Smoky Mountain River Rat

What To Expect

When you arrive at either outpost, you'll first head inside to check in. Reservations are not required, but they can help speed up your check-in process on a busy weekend. You'll sign a waiver and receive a wristband if you are over the age of 6 (so you can access both outposts). Next you'll get changed into a swimsuit or clothes you can get wet. You'll also want to bring along shoes you can get wet to protect your feet. When you're ready to hit the water, grab a life jacket and tube (they'll be stacked nearby) and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Outposts

Smoky Mountain River Rat offers two outposts for tubing. These outposts each offer a different experience for visitors, from relaxing and calm to an exhilarating adventure.

Outpost A

Outpost A is the main tubing route that offers family friendly tubing for ages 2+. It's perfect for people looking to relax or bring along their kids and dogs. Along the way, you'll float through relaxing rapids, swimming holes and even a rock jump. It's a 2 mile journey that takes approximately 2 hours and is full of beautiful views to enjoy. The put-in location is on site at Outpost A, meaning you'll float away from the outpost and board the Toober Oober at the end of your float to drive back to the start.

Outpost B

Outpost B steps the adventure up a notch with an ages 6+ float full of exciting rapids. Take on this adventure for incredible mountain views, fast rapids, swimming holes and more. This stretch of the river is approximately one mile long and takes an hour on average to complete. At this outpost, you will take the Toober Oober to the put-in location and the end of your float will bring you right back to the parking lot where you started.

Getting Around: The Toober Oober

Wondering how you'll get to the put-in site at River Rat, or how you'll get back to your car when you're done? That's where the Toober Oober comes in.

The Toober Oober

Wondering what the "Toober Oober" is? River Rat takes away the need to have a driver drop you off at the put-in site or pick you up at the end of your float to take you back. No one has to sit out on the fun thanks to the Toober Oober: A shuttle that brings you wherever you need to go. You'll have unlimited Toober Oober rides when you float with River Rat.

Learn More About River Rat

Smoky Mountain River Rat is fun for the whole family and just a short drive from Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Enjoy a single float, float all day or even get a pass to enjoy the river for your whole trip. The options are endless on how to enjoy Pigeon Forge tubing at River Rat.

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