Rodizio Style: All You Can Eat At Pizza Rio Wine + Bar

One of the newest and most fun places to eat in Pigeon Forge is Pizza Rio Wine + Bar, located in the heart of Pigeon Forge just off the parkway at 140 Showplace Boulevard. Here you'll find delicious food served in a unique style that you may not have experienced before. If you're looking for an all-you-can-eat experience at a great value, Pizza Rio is the spot for you.

Pizza Rio Menu

The 5 course meal served to you at Pizza Rio includes a soup starter, option between a seasonal or caesar salad, delicious meatballs in a house-made sauce, crispy chicken wings, a vast selection of gourmet handcrafted pizzas, and some out-of-this-world dessert pizzas. The best part is all of it costs a flat $28.50 per person, and they keep the food coming.

Pizza Rio
Pizza Rio menu
Wings from Pizza Rio
Wings from Pizza Rio

What Is Rodizio Style?

In short, Pizza Rio's rodizio style means they bring the buffet to you. The word rodizio is Portugese for rotation, and this style of service reflects that. Everything is freshly cooked and a variety of options are presented to your table throughout the entire dining experience. The team of servers work together as well, so you never have to worry about flagging anybody down. Once you experience this type of service, you will be coming back again. The team is exceptional and you don't ever feel like you're waiting around.

From the moment you take a seat you'll be offered some tasty bread to snack on, followed by a cup of soup, wings in the flavor of your choice, and a salad soon after that. I opted for the house salad with a delicious honey vinaigrette dressing. Oh, and the meatballs are to die for! But don't fill up just yet, because there's a long way to go.

Pizza Rio

All You Can Eat Pizza

I originally thought we would be selecting a couple of pizzas from their variety of options, but that's not how it works. When it's time for pizza, a server will approach your table weilding a tray with at least three different types of pizza for you to choose from. The server will tell you about your options and you can try as much as you want. The slices are pretty small too, making it great if you want to try a bit of everything.

The Rodizio Experience

What's great about dining this way is that while the description of a type of pizza might not immediately appeal to you, when you see it served up on a platter you might change your mind. For example: I never would have thought a Nacho pizza sounded good, but when I saw it as an option I had to taste it. The Nacho, Calabresa, Quatros Queijos, Margherita, and good ol' Pepperoni were my favorites.

Nutella Com Morango dessert pizza at Pizza Rio
Nutella Com Morango dessert pizza at Pizza Rio

Save Room For Dessert

Have you ever tried dessert pizza? The dessert options at Pizza Rio are pretty life changing. For hazlenut fans, the Nutella Com Morango is a must-try. The creamy combo of nutella and strawberry just hits. My personal favorite was the Banana Com Canela - a delicious, crunchy cinnamon base topped with whipped cream and sliced bananas. Lucky for you, you get to try every option! Your servers will make sure you get to check out every kind of pizza they offer.

Pizza Rio Wine + Bar is an amazing dining option for anyone who likes to try a bit of everything, has a massive appetite, or just loves great food and a great deal. It's a fun place to eat in Pigeon Forge and convenient to many attractions on the parkway, but also a bit of hidden gem tucked away on Showplace Boulevard. Check it out on your next trip, and be sure to come in with an empty stomach!

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