Budget Friendly Pigeon Forge: Camping On Your Vacation

It's time to give Pigeon Forge camping a second look. One of the most frequently asked questions about vacationing in the Smokies is "How can I save money on my trip?" While there are plenty of obvious ways to save on your stay, including taking advantage of coupons, traveling during the off season and visiting attractions where kids get in free, there is one idea that often gets overlooked... camping! Wondering how this helps you save? Check out all the ways you'll be able to penny pinch on a Pigeon Forge camping trip.

Cheaper Lodging Option

Depending on the type of camping you choose, camping can be significantly cheaper than a hotel, cabin or condo in Pigeon Forge. Your cheapest option will typically be tent camping at a campground, with the lowest price options costing around $15 a night. If you have a little extra cash to spend, luxury camping or camping cabins can give you an extra boost to make your stay more comfortable.

Types of Camping
Pigeon Forge Camping

Bring Your Own Food

One of the largest expenses you'll have on a typical vacation is food. Where you eat matters and it can add up quickly. One of the easiest ways you'll save money by camping is by bringing your own food to cook at the campsite. Take advantage of fire pits and on-site grills at many campgrounds. Just a reminder: never store food in your tent. Make sure it's hung at least 10 feet in the air or in bear-proof containers while you're on your Pigeon Forge camping trip.

Bear Safety
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Rent Your Gear

If it's your first time camping, once you factor in equipment and gear the price tag can seem pretty similar to a Pigeon Forge hotel. The good news is that there are other options to help you save, including renting your gear from a Smoky Mountain outfitter. There are several stores that offer tent, backpack, sleeping pads, water filters, stoves and more. Another great option is to borrow the needed equipment from a friend!

Enjoy Free Outdoor Activities

Camping has a way of inspiring visitors to get outdoors and stay there on your trip. While you camp, you'll have easy access to many outdoor recreation options to fill your time. Take a bike ride, plan out a few hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is always free, or even hop in the car and take a scenic drive.

National Park Information
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Campground Amenities

Not all campgrounds are completely minimalist. Many come with unique and fun amenities for guests to take advantage of. Pigeon Forge RV Parks for example may have swimming pools, laundry facilities, amazing views and more. Many Smoky Mountain camping sites have indoor and outdoor pools, fire pits, tennis courts and even on-site game rooms! Check into the amenities of each campsite when booking to find the one that fits your group best.

If you're traveling on a budget, consider switching things up and getting outdoors to save money on your next trip. Pigeon Forge camping is a great way to spend your vacation.

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