Scavenger Hunt: Test Your Knowledge Of These Top Spots In The Smokies

You’ve tested your knowledge on all things Dolly Parton with our How Well Do You Know Dolly? Quiz and you’ve proven yourself as a mountain expert with our game of Smoky Mountain Trivia. Put yourself to the test one more time with our Pigeon Forge scavenger hunt. Pigeon Forge is packed with iconic, award-winning and even record-breaking attractions, decorations, views and more. Go on a virtual scavenger hunt and try to guess where each of these things can be found in the Smoky Mountains.

Smoky Mountain Scavenger Hunt

1. Where can you find Mulligan's Restaurant and two different courses, Highlands and River?

2. What southern lady's show was voted best new business in 2019?

3. Duke is the name of the spokesdog for what company?

4. The first attraction at this place was an alligator named Al.

5. Where in Pigeon Forge can you play in snow at any time of year?

6. What is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America?

7. Where can you find five of the fastest and longest lines in the country with speeds of up to 60 mph?

8. What location is home to the Mountain Monster, REI and Junction 35?

9. At which attraction can you lounge on a pile of $50,000,000 cash and search for Bigfoot?

10. At which inn was the hit song Rocky Top written?

11. What Pigeon Forge attraction houses a replica made from 65,000 lego bricks?

12. What Gatlinburg attraction uses 1.5 million gallons of water?

13. What hotel in Gatlinburg is themed after the Appalachian Trail?

14. Where can you find a go cart track that is 3,500 linear feet?

15. Which restaurant near the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel are you guaranteed to find service with sarcasm?

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