Smoky Mountain Hiking Trails by Location

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park boasts 150+ marked hiking trails for guests to explore. From waterfalls to mountain views, there are Smoky Mountain hiking trails for everyone in this vast area covering parts of Tennessee and North Carolina. For organizational purposes, we have divided up the national park into 8 segments and included the list of trails within each.

Cades Cove | Cataloochee | Clingmans Dome | Cosby | Elkmont | Mt. LeConte | Smokemont | West Carolina

The above list of hiking trails in the Smokies is incomplete and constantly being updated. If you have information or photos you would like to contribute, please contact [email protected].

Cades Cove

Trail NameMilesIntersections
Abrams Falls Tr4.2Wet Bottom, Rabbit Creek
Ace Gap Tr5.6Beard Cane, Rich Mountain Rd.
Anthony Creek Tr3.6Crib Gap, Russell Field, Bote Mountain
Beard Cane Tr4.2Cooper Road, Hatcher Mountain
Bote Mountain Tr6.9Lead Cove, Finley Cane, West Prong, Anthony Creek, AT
Cane Creek Tr2.1Cooper Road
Cooper Road Tr2.5Hatcher Mountain, Beard Cane, Wet Bottom
Crib Gap Tr1.8Anthony Creek, Turkeypen Ridge, Lead Cove
Crooked Arm Ridge Tr2.2Scott Mountain, Rich Mountain
Finley Cane Tr2.8Turkeypen Ridge, Lead Cove, Bote Mountain
Gold Mine Tr0.8Cane Creek
Gregory Bald Tr7.3AT, Gregory Ridge, Long Hungry Ridge
Gregory Ridge Tr5.0Gregory Bald, Parson Branch Rd.
Hannah Mountain Tr9.5Rabbit Creek, Little Bottoms, Hatcher Mountain, Abrams Falls
Hatcher Mountain Tr2.6Little Bottoms, Abrams Falls, Cooper Rd, Beard Cane
Indian Grave Gap Tr3.7Rich Mountain Loop, Rich Mountain
Lead Cove Tr1.8Bote Mountain, Finley Cane, Crib Gap
Little Bottoms Tr2.5Hatcher Mountain, Bear Cane, Abrams Falls
Long Hungry Ridge Tr4.5Gregory Bald, Twentymile Loop
Rabbit Creek Tr7.8Wet Bottom, Abrams Falls, Hannah Mountain
Rich Mountain Loop Tr3.3Indian Grave Gap, Crooked Arm Ridge
Rich Mountain Trail Tr2.3
Russell Field Tr3.5Anthony Creek, AT
Schoolhouse Gap Tr2.2West Prong, Turkeypen Ridget, Chestnut Top, Scott Mountain
Scott Mountain Tr3.6Crooked Arm Ridge, Indian Grave Gap, Schoolhouse Gap
Turkeypen Ridge Tr3.6Finley Cane, Crib Gap
Twentymile Tr2.9Twentymile Loop, Wolf RIdge, AT, Lost Cove
Twentymile Loop Tr5.0Twentymile, Wolf Ridge, Long Hungry Ridge
Wet Bottom Tr1.0Abrams Falls, Cooper Rd, Rabbit Creek
Wolf Ridge Tr6.3Gregory Bald Tr, Twentymile Loop, Twentymile Tr


Trail NameMilesIntersections
Big Fork Ridge Tr3.2Rough Fork, Caldwell Fork
Boogerman Tr4.1Caldwell Fork, Mckee Branch, Big Fork Ridge
Caldwell Fork Tr6.3Boogerman
Cataloochee Divide Tr6.4McKee Branch, Hemphill Bald
Hemphill Bald Tr8.4McKee Branch, Cataloochee Divide, Caldwell Fork
Little Cataloochie Tr5.2Long Bunk, Pretty Hollow Gap, Palmer Creek
Long Bunk Tr3.6Mt Sterling, Little Cataloochee
McKee Branch Tr2.3Cataloochee Divide, Caldwell Fork
Mount Sterling Tr5.3Long Bunk
Mount Sterling Ridge Tr2.7Pretty Hollow Gap, Balsam Mountain
Palmer Creek Tr3.3Pretty Hollow Gap
Pretty Hollow Gap Tr5.6Mt Sterling Ridge, Baxter Creek, Palmer Creek, Little Cataloochee
Rough Fork Tr6.4Big Fork Ridge, Caldwell Fork, Hemphill Bald
Spruce Mountain Tr1.0Heintooga Rd

Clingmans Dome

Trail NameMilesIntersections
Clingmans Dome Tr0.5AT
Clingmans Dome Bypass Tr0.5AT
Cooper Creek Tr10.5Deeplow Gap, Mingus Creek
Deep Creek Tr1.7Deep Creek Horse, Juney Whank Loop, Indian Creek, Martins Gap, Pole Road Creek, Fork Ridge
Deep Creek Horse Trail Tr14.2Juney Whank Loop, Noland Divide, Deep Creek
Deeplow Gap Tr6.1Thomas Divide
Fork Ridge Tr5.1Deep Creek Tr
Forney Creek Tr11.4Jonas Creek, Forney Ridge
Forney Ridge Tr5.6Springhouse Branch, Clingmans Dome
Indian Creek Tr1.8Stone Pile Gap, Loop, Martins Gap
Indian Creek Motor Tr3.6Deeplow Gap, Thomas Divide
Jonas Creek Tr4.1Welch Ridge, Forney Creek
Juney Whank Loop Tr0.5Deep Creek Horse, Deep Creek
Kanati Fork Tr2.9Newfound Gap Rd, Thomas Divide
Loop Tr1.2Deep Creek, Sunkota Ridge, Indian Creek
Martins Gap Tr3.0Sunkota Ridge, Indian Creek
Mingus Creek Tr5.8Deeplow Gap, Newton Bald
Newton Bald Tr5.3Thomas Divide
Noland Creek Tr10.3Pole Road Creek, Noland Divide, Springhouse Branch
Noland Divide Tr11.6Pole Road Creek, Noland Creek
Pole Road Creek Tr3.3Noland Divide, Noland Creek, Deep Creek
Springhouse Branch Tr7.1Forney Creek, Forney Ridge, Noland Creek
Stone Pile Gap Tr0.9Indian Creek, Thomas Divide
Sunkota Ridge Tr8.6Loop Trail, Thomas Divide, Martins Gap
Thomas Divide Tr13.6Deeplow Gap, Stone Pile Gap, Kanati Fork, Newton Bald
Whiteoak Branch Tr1.8Springhouse Branch


Trail NameMilesIntersections
Albright Grove Loop Tr0.7Maddron Bald
Baxter Creek Tr6.6Mt Sterling
Big Creek Tr5.8Camel Gap
Camel Gap Tr4.7AT
Chestnut Branch Tr2.1AT
Gabes Mountain Tr6.6Maddron Bald
Gunter Fork Tr4.1Balsam Mountain, Camel Gap
Low Gap Tr5.4AT, Lower Mt Cammerer, Snake Den Ridge
Lower Mount Cammerer Tr7.5AT, Low Gap
Mount Cammerer Tr0.6AT
Snake Den Ridge Tr5.3Low Gap
Swallow Fork Tr4.0Big Creek, Mt Sterling Ridge


Trail NameMilesIntersections
Chestnut Top Tr4.3Schoolhouse Gap
Chimney Tops Tr1.8Road Prong, US 441
Cove Mountain Tr8.5Sugarlands Visitor Center, Laurel Falls
Cucumber Gap Tr2.4Little River
Curry Mountain Tr3.3Meigs Mountain, Jakes Creek
Elkmont Nature Tr0.8Little River Rd.
Goshen Prong Tr7.6Little River, AT
Greenbrier Ridge Tr4.2Middle Prong, Lynn Camp Prong, AT
Huskey Gap Tr4.1Sugarland Mountain, Newfound Gap Rd
Jakes Creek Tr3.7Panther Creek, Cucumber Gap, Meigs Mountain
Little Brier Gap Tr1.4Little Greenbrier, Roundtop, Metcalf Bottoms
Little Greenbrier Tr4.3Little Brier, Laurel Falls
Little River Tr6.2Rough Creek, Huskey Gap, Goshen Prong, Cucumber Gap
Lumber Ridge Tr4.1Meigs Creek, Meigs Mountain
Lynn Camp Prong Tr3.7Miry Ridge, Middle Prong, Greenbrier Ridge
Meigs Creek Tr3.5Lumber Ridge, Meigs Mountain
Meigs Mountain Tr6.1Jakes Creek, Lumber Ridge, Meigs Creek
Metcalf Bottoms Tr0.7Little Brier Gap
Middle Prong Tr4.1Panther Creek, Lynn Camp Prong, Greenbrier Ridge
Miry Ridge Tr5.0Lynn Camp Prong, Panther Creek, Jakes Creek
Panther Creek Tr2.3Jakes Creek, Middle Prong
Road Prong Tr2.4Chimney Tops, AT
Rough Creek Tr2.8Sugarland Mountain, Little River
Roundtop Tr7.5Little Brier Gap, Little Greenbrier
West Prong Tr2.7Bote Mountain

Mt. LeConte

Trail NameMilesIntersections
Alum Cave Tr5.0Newfound Gap, Bullhead
Baskins Creek Tr2.7Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, Grapeyard Ridge, Trillium Gap
Boulevard Tr5.4Brushy Mountain, AT
Brushy Mountain Tr4.9Trillium Gap, Boulevard, Porters Creek
Bullhead Tr5.9Old Sugarlands, Rainbow Falls
Gatlinburg Tr1.9
Laurel Falls Tr4.0Little Greenbrier, Cove Mountain, Sugarland Mountain
Old Sugarlands Tr3.9Bullhead
Rainbow Falls Tr6.7Trillium Gap, Old Sugarlands, Bullhead
Trillium Gap Tr8.9Old Sugarlands, Rainbow Falls, Brushy Mountain
Twin Creeks Tr1.9


Trail NameMilesIntersections

West Carolina

Trail NameMilesIntersections
Bear Creek Tr5.9Welch Ridge, Lakeshore, Cold Spring Gap, Forney Creek
Bone Valley Tr1.8Hazel Creek
Cold Spring Gap Tr3.5High Rocks, Bear Creek, Welch Ridge
Eagle Creek Tr8.9Lakeshore, AT
Goldmine Loop Tr2.0Tunnel Bypass, Whiteoak Branch
Hazel Creek Tr14.7Bone Valley, Cold Spring Gap, Jenkins Ridge, Jones Creek, Lakeshore
Hazel Creek Trail Access to Fontana Lake Landing Tr0.7
High Rocks Tr0.3Cold Springs Gap
Jenkins Ridge Tr8.9Hazel Creek, AT
Lakeshore Tr34.6Lost Cove, Eagle Creek, Ollies Cove, Hazel Creek, Bear Creek, Whiteoak Branch, AT
Lost Cove Tr2.7Lakeshore, AT, Twentymile
Ollies Cove Tr0.3Lakeshore
Tunnel Bypass Tr1.6Goldmine Loop
Welch Ridge Tr7.3Bear Creek, Jonas Creek

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