Out On A Limb: Treehouse Cabin Rentals In The Smoky Mountains

When you were a kid, did you ever dream of living in a treehouse someday, high above the ground and away from the world? Childhood nostalgia isn't hard to come by when you stay in a treehouse in the Smoky Mountains. Tree house cabins are like the adult version of the play treehouses that you loved in your youth. They're decked out with all the amenities you could ever need while still keeping consistent with a classic treehouse feel and appearance. So what exactly makes a treehouse cabin? Read on to find out.

What Are Treehouse Cabins?

Treehouses are by definition, structures built in, on top of or around trees. Treehouse cabins and rentals take this to the next level by creating a home above ground, complete with all the amenities you could need for your stay. Many Pigeon Forge treehouse cabins are built on top of large tree trunks, like Patriot Getaway's cabins Out On A Limb, Tennessee treehouse and Gatlinburg Treehouse. They are incredible to look at and a lot of fun to stay in.

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Bear Camp Treehouse Cabins

Bear Camp Cabins opened several brand new cabins in recent years. These treehouse cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains are situated over 10 feet up into the trees and have been described as whimsical, enchanting and rustic. At night, the cabins will have over 500 feet of outdoor lights to illuminate the area, creating an incredible view for visitors. You'll also be able to enjoy the best modern amenities like smart TVs, free WI-FI, hot tubs, picnic areas, fire pits and more.

The Honeypot Cabin Chasing Fireflies Cabin Owls Nest Treehouse The Hayloft Treehouse - Coming Soon

Treehouse Cabin Amenities

Other than being located in a tree, treehouse cabins have a lot of unique amenities that make them perfect for your stay. A stay in Patriot Getaway's Smoky Mountain Treehouse is made special by a tire swing hanging beneath the cabin that kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy. Book your vacation at Mountain Air Cabin Rental's treehouse and you'll be amazed to find a tree growing straight through the center of the cabin. Cabins USA has a treehouse cabin with a hot tub on the balcony.

Why Stay In A Treehouse Cabin?

Treehouses in the Smoky Mountains have an extra edge compared to the ordinary cabin. They will leave children in awe, dreaming of being able to stay forever. Adults will be taken back to a simpler time in their lives and turn into children again for the duration of the trip. You'll also find yourself high above the ground, with a little more seclusion and privacy than in a normal cabin. Treehouse cabins are becoming extremely popular in the mountains, so make sure to book your stay well in advance.

Book your stay in a treehouse in the Smoky Mountains soon. Reservations fill up fast for these unique cabin rentals.

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