Best Spring Hikes In The Smoky Mountains

This spring, take a hike and make the most of your weekends at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are over 800 hiking trails here, and no matter which one you decide to take, it is going to be simply beautiful. Spring hikes in the Smoky Mountains are exceptional with fully bloomed wildflowers. Although uneven terrain and steep elevation might seem like a challenge during the hikes, good preparation and proper breaks with the picturesque background will give you the boost you need. To help you plan your adventure, we have prepared a list of five of our favorite hikes at these gorgeous mountains.

Porters Creek Trail

This trail is perfect for families who enjoy hiking together. Porters Creek Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a wooded trail, which is also the most popular one amongst all the others. Known for its captivating nature and historical features, this park has old homesites and stone walls. Be sure you take your camera along and capture the blooming violets, bloodroot and white trilliums amongst many other wildflowers.

Best Spring Hikes In The Smoky Mountains

Little River Trail

This is one of the easiest and another one of our favorite trails at the Great Smoky Mountains. The trail along the river starts with an array of beautiful old resort homes and is filled with wildflowers on either side. The water in the river is incredibly pure and well preserves through the Outstanding National Resource Waters program. This trail is best hiked between March and April. The little river trail is not to be missed for its enthralling wildflower blooms that include yellow trillium, dwarf cinquefoil, hepaticas, Canadian violets and umbrella leaf.

Chestnut Top Trail

This moderately difficult trail starts near the Townsend Entrance. Scenic like the others, Chestnut top trail is a great to spot wildflowers like bloodroot, white trillium, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, hepatica, violets, fire pink. Enjoy this 4-mile hike amongst lush wooded surroundings.

Rich Mountain Loop

This 8.5 Mile hike is one of the popular trails amongst tourists who enjoy the quiet area of busy Cades Cove. Rich mountain loop starts with the popular meadow and is carpeted in wildflowers. Spot mountain laurels, flame azaleas, purple phacelias amongst many other wildflowers that are a rare scene along with your trail. A steady climb starts soon after the Oliver Cabin and gets strenuous in terms of difficulty level.

Schoolhouse Gap Trail

This lovely spring hiking trail is a moderately difficult one. The trail is carpeted with thousands of wildflowers like Virginia bluebells, fairy wand, golden aster and many others. This is a great 3.8-mile trail to combine it with a visit to Cades Cove and the White Oak Sinks area.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has a diverse display of over 1500 varieties of wildflowers. So, get ready for an amazing outdoor adventure of walking trails with your friends and family. Pack your hiking boots and backpacks now to enjoy the best of the Great Smoky Mountains during spring!

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