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Spring Flowers For Your Smoky Mountain Wedding

Celebrate your Smoky Mountain wedding with some of the best blooms of the season. Not only are spring flowers breathtaking, but choosing in-season blooms for your wedding can save you serious cash. If you plan to go the DIY-route with your flowers, consider cutting them from your garden or asking a local garden club to help you make the most of your big day. Here are a few seasonal flower ideas for your Smoky Mountain wedding.

Spring Flowers For Your Smoky Mountain Wedding


While dogwood trees aren’t unique to the Smoky Mountains, you’ll see them all over Pigeon Forge! These beautiful blossoming trees are a favorite sign of spring for many people and they have a little bit of history, too: Legend has it that the cross used to crucify Jesus was made wood from a dogwood tree. Per the story, the dogwood trees in Jerusalem at the time were larger and stronger, but after the crucifixion, Jesus shortened it and twisted its branches to make sure the tree would not longer be used for the construction of crosses.

Spring Flowers For Your Smoky Mountain Wedding


You’ll likely find peonies in bloom across East Tennessee later this spring. They begin to emerge early in the season as a dense thicket of dark red buds and then slowly unfurl to stems as much as three feet tall. You’ll see peonies open up in April, and see brilliant blossoms in May and June.

According to information from the University of Tennessee School of Agriculture, the peony lasts up to ten days as a cut flower if stems are cut just as the perfectly round, ball-like buds begin to show true color. When cut fully open, the flower lasts about five days. Peonies make easy, elegant flower arrangements because of their sweet fragrance, long stems, and lush blossoms.

Spring Flowers For Your Smoky Mountain Wedding


Like dogwoods, tulips are another early spring favorite you’ll find all around Pigeon Forge. Tulips are indigenous to mountainous areas, just like the Smokies. Our temperate climate helps produce the biggest blooms you’ll see anywhere. There are more than 100 different kinds of tulips cultivated around the world, and you can find them in a rainbow of colors!