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“Tanked” at The Hatfield and McCoy Show

Animal Planet's Tanked in Pigeon ForgeDo all the amazing colors and creatures under the sea amaze you?  Have you ever imagined yourself swimming into the depths of the ocean to see all these firsthand?  How about encompassing all these things into an aquarium that could be shaped like a pyramid, car, or even phone booth?  Well, two brother-in-laws, Wayde King and Brett Raymer, do just this on a regular basis.

Running the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation- Acrylic Tank Manufacturing– these two best friends travel the world producing outrageous, unparalleled tanks for fellow fish enthusiasts. “Tanked” airs on Animal Planet, which takes viewers into a whole new world.

TONIGHT,  “The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show” will be featured on “Tanked”.  Entitled “When the Moon(shine) Hits Your Eyes,” the episode showcases an old moonshine still in the lobby, which has been transformed into an aquarium.  Scenes from the actual dinner show will shown alongside the cast members and the co-owners of the theater, David Fee and Jim Hedrick.

Business partners and best friends, King and Raymer, host the popular TV series, which airs each Friday night on Animal Planet.  Beginning the series four years ago, the dynamic duo travel to the ends of the earth produces these atrociously themed, unrivaled tanks.

SPOILER: This episode features a 1,200 gallon tank in the shape of a moonshine still with a copper dome.  Two smaller tanks shaped like moonshine jugs are placed next to the still.  Holding more than 50 fish, the tank weighs nearly five tons.  The Hatfield family is depicted by the hi-hat fish and the McCoy family is portrayed by the koi fairy wrasse.

Tanked at Hatfield & McCoys ShowWhen the tank was revealed, the cast, dressed in full show attire, ran into the lobby in full form– hollering, clapping, and cheering (a few guns with loaded blanks were fired as well).  “Lou Lou”, a live pig, joined in squealing with delight.

The episode airs TONIGHT, Friday Jan 16th at both 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. on the Animal Planet. Tune in on this chilly night or set a recording for the hilarity and awe-inspiring aquarium King and Raymer have concocted.