Team Building in Pigeon Forge: Things To Do With A Group

Amidst the beautiful scenery and fun attractions, there are a ton of opportunities for team building in Pigeon Forge. Whether you work together on a sports team, in an office, as a family, or in some other setting, being able to communicate and function as a team is vital. Not only does Pigeon Forge have activities and attractions that help build trust, but the experience that one will take away from a trip to the mountains is sure to unite any group of people.

Group Trips To Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is a popular destination for companies, teams, and families from all throughout the area to host events and get-togethers. This Tennessee town is surrounded by gorgeous nature and offers many activities and attractions that are perfect for groups interested in team building. Don't forget to fill out our group travel planner form to make sure you get the best deal for your group!

Group Planning

Make Your Escape

Escape rooms are popular choices for indoor team building in Pigeon Forge. During these challenges you will have one hour to decode secret missions, problem solve, and survive together as a team. The sophisticated games will challenge your mind and will encourage players to work together and think as one. Check out the blog on our team building experience at The Escape Game Pigeon Forge!

The Escape Game

Team Building at Wonderworks

While escape games are a great way to identify everyone’s skills and use them in the most effective way to achieve something together as a group, WonderWorks museum also hosts a number of great team building activities in Pigeon Forge. There is also a Banquet Room available there for day meetings so that you can meet and debrief after the team building event.


Save The Princess/Feel The Fear

No matter your age group or activity preferences, there's something for everyone at Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center. Forge ahead up the musical staircase & across the infinity drawbridge to save the princess in Hannah's Maze of Mirrors. Or if you're up for something with a little more jump to it, try your hand at escaping from a zombie infested lab facility in Outbreak - Dread the Undead.

Hollywood Wax

National Park Activities

Take advantage of the Great Smoky Mountains when you come for team building in Pigeon Forge. There are so many things to do outdoors that can be incorporated into a team building getaway. From zip-lining to whitewater rafting or from camping to a ropes course, there is an adventure for any range of groups.

Smoky Mountains
Adventure Park at Five Oaks: Click to visit page.

Adventure Park At Five Oaks

Check out the ropes course at Adventure Park at Five Oaks where players will conquer individual and group challenges with motivation from their team. Adventure Tree Tops Ropes Course also has adrenaline rushing courses to get hearts pumping. In summer months, another alternative is white water rafting on one of the nearby rivers. This is another way to enjoy nature and work together as a team.

Adventure Park At Five Oaks

Team Building Travel To Pigeon Forge - Where To Stay

This destination also has plenty of great amenities that can accommodate large groups. There are several options for places to stay, including hotels, motels and camping spots. There are quite a few popular chain hotels, but there are also locally owned one of a kind bed and breakfast options.

Where To Stay

If you're looking to stay close to the action, Pigeon Forge hotels on the parkway can be the ideal choice. Also, you can enjoy the luxury of staying in a condominium rental or one of the campgrounds, if your group has RVs or tents. Wherever you choose to stay, the great activities available in Pigeon Forge will help your group to work with each other and achieve more as a team.

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