More Than Mini Golf: Top Things To Do At Crave Golf Club

Crave Golf Club is more than just a spot for a fun mini golf adventure in Pigeon Forge. Crave is also a spot for hours of fun, entertainment and team building in the Smoky Mountains. With much more to do besides just mini golfing, you'll be able to have hours of adventures without ever leaving the building. Check out some of the top things to do at Crave Golf Club on your next trip.

Rooftop Putt Putt

When you think mini-golf, you probably have a picture in your head of a traditional mini-golf course: Ground level, green grass, regular obstacles. Crave Golf Club takes things up a notch and puts you right on the roof of the building. Head up to the roof at Crave to enjoy 19 holes of mini golf with themes like Rock Candy Mountain, Bubblegum Garden and more.

Crave Golf Club

19 Holes For All Weather Conditions

Rain? Snow? Too hot or too cold? Head inside for an indoor mini golf course that's perfect for any day in the mountains. The indoor course has more of what you love from Crave: Candy themed obstacles, game spinners to add challenges & fun at each hole and more. Crave Golf Club is also handicap accessible and a blast for visitors of all ages.

Bowl A Perfect 300: Mini Style

Challenge your friends and family to a fun game of bowling with a catch: everything is half the size! Bowling at Crave Golf Club is a miniature experience packed with all the same fun you love. The pins, balls and lanes are all half the size. The lanes are complete with a lounge area to relax in, cool lighting effects to add to the experience and you can even wear your own shoes.

Mini Bowling
Things To Do At Crave Golf Club

Make Your Great Escape

Crave Golf Club has two of the best escape rooms in Pigeon Forge. These rooms are each 30 minutes long and full of puzzles, codes and clues that will challenge you and your team to think and communicate. Both adventures immerse you completely in the theme and experience. The escape games have been designed with great attention to detail and a well thought out string of clues, hints and puzzles to give you the best escape experience possible.

Escape Rooms

Visit The Sweet Shop

At Crave Golf Club, there's plenty of candy to enjoy beyond just the decorations and obstacles. The Crave Sweet Shop has everything you'll need for your next sugar high. Your sweet tooth will truly meet its match when you step through the doors and see huge boxes of Nerds, Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans, Pixie Sticks and more. Grab some classics or try something new to fuel up for your adventure.

Sweet Shop

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do at Crave Golf Club besides just the obvious. Head to Crave on your next trip for hours of fun and activities that the whole family will love.

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