Virtual Reality in Pigeon Forge, TN: Where To Find VR

Virtual reality comes in many shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a fully immersive, visually stunning display that you can sit down and enjoy? Or perhaps you're into the arena-style classic arcade VR where you strap on a headset and flail your arms and legs around. The good news is, you can experience all these kinds of virtual reality and more in Pigeon Forge. Here are the best places to find it.

Man wearing virtual reality goggles

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, or VR, is a technologically generated three-dimensional environment that serves as the setting for a variety of gaming experiences. In a traditional sense of VR, the simulation can typically be interacted with in a seemingly real, physical way using a special headset, helmet, or gloves with sensors; but it goes beyond that for different kinds of unique gaming experiences. Read below for some of the different types you can find in our area.

NASCAR SpeedPark

Don't just play the game, BE THE GAME. Virtual reality is one of many fun things to do at NASCAR SpeedPark on the Sevierville parkway. With their Hologate setup, up to 4 players can engage in one of 7 physically engaging and immersive arena-style headset VR games. These games are easy to learn, difficult to master, and always mindblowing.

NASCAR SpeedPark

FlyRide at Beyond The Lens

The latest addition to Beyond The Lens on the Pigeon Forge parkway is not only a VR experience; it's a a sensory phenomenon that includes wind, mist, scents, and motion. FlyRide is a flight simulator with full-motion seating in front of a giant curved theater screen that makes passengers feel like they're soaring over our country's national landmarks.


Space Race Adventures

New to Pigeon Forge in 2024, Space Race Adventures on the parkway lets you step into the future of gaming with their premier virtual reality experiences. Your wildest dreams will come to life in MegaVerse, a wire-free VR arena. They have multiple games to choose from that will scratch whatever gaming itch you're craving.

Space Race Adventures

SkyFly at The Island

If you're enjoying a day at The Island, be sure to check out the ride named #1 Best New Attraction in America by USAToday. SkyFly is a state-of-the-art ride system that engages all your senses and transports you to places across the country you might never otherwise get the chance to experience. From the moment you enter the building, surprises await.


Beyond The Lens!

Get ready for an exciting adventure at Beyond The Lens! where you can enjoy a trip through pop-culture and play some iconic video games spanning from the 60s and beyond, all within the immersive realm of virtual reality. Let the magic unfold as you outrun dinosaurs, craft and ride your very own personalized roller coaster, or bravely traverse a plank 60 stories high.

Beyond The Lens!

7D Dark Ride Adventure

Another unique-to-itself gaming experience is 7D Dark Ride Adventure with locations in Gatlinburg and at The Island in Pigeon Forge. This is another full-motion seating style of VR that adds sounds, wind, lighting effects, and more to create the feeling of seven dimensions. The best part is the point scoring element. Get your trigger finger ready to hunt some zombies!

7D Dark Ride Adventure

For similarly fun things to do in Pigeon Forge, check out our pages on indoor attractions and things to do on a rainy day. Be sure to book tickets for one of our award winning shows and theaters on your next trip.

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