WonderWorks’ New Forensic Science Exhibit

In 2016, WonderWorks opened a Forensic Science exhibit focusing on providing a way for visitors to learn about this field of science in a fun way. Forensic science is becoming a hot topic in pop culture, especially due to the number of popular crime dramas in television and cinema. This unique, interactive exhibit allows guests to become hands-on forensic scientists in several different areas including 3D facial reconstruction, fingerprint identification and facial recognition.

New Forensic Science Exhibit

About The Exhibit

Visitors can scan their own fingerprints and take a close look at their distinctive loops and whorls at this unique exhibit. There is also a booth where visitors can take a photo of themselves and see how facial recognition software matches their features up with their celebrity look-alikes, and there is an in depth display on 3D facial reconstruction. It shows how police are able to create 3D models from bone fragments, photos and other clues.

New Forensic Science Exhibit

The Making Of The Exhibit

The exhibit offers a lot of interesting information about forensic science, and it is made possible by experts and professionals from the National Museum and Crime & Punishment and the National Center of Missing & Exploited Children. Also involved in the creation of this special exhibit is 3DSystems and FaceCheck. The team at WonderWorks who designed the exhibit hope that the displays and interactive activities will inspire young people to consider a career in the forensic sciences.

More About WonderWorks

With this new exhibit, the museum continues to provide high quality educational activities for the community. It is especially a great opportunity for school field trips and other groups to get involved in an educational activity. Of course, this forensic science exhibit isn’t the only attraction that WonderWorks has to offer. When you visit you can also check out the Indoor Ropes Challenge, where you can climb four stories of ropes through over 50 different obstacles. Also, you can play a game of laser tag with your friends in a thrilling black-lit maze, or try your luck at the Video Game Arcade.

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