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Wyile Cider Barn at Foxfire Mountain

Wyile Cider is a new craft cider company to the East Tennessee Market. We produce both hard cider (alcoholic) and soft cider (apple juice). We use a variety of apples that are sourced both locally (East Tennessee) and regionally (Virginia, North Carolina) to make our ciders.

Wyile Cider Barn at Foxfire Mountain

Dry & Sweet Cider

We currently have two hard ciders available; a sweet cider and a dry cider, with more to come in the future. Our hard ciders are 7% alcohol by volume (ABV) as apple juice naturally ferments to between 7 and 8% ABV. The process to make our cider starts with crushing and juicing the apples. Once the apples are juiced and put into our tanks, we then test the chemistry of the juice (i.e. sugar content, pH, total acidity).

Wyile Cider Barn at Foxfire Mountain

Cider Chemistry

This chemistry helps guide us to decide the best yeast to use for fermentation. We then add the selected yeast along with nutrients to the juice to start the fermentation process, which takes between two and three weeks. When the fermentation has completed we then coarse filter and rack the cider into large bag-in-boxes. They will age in these bag-in-boxes for up to six or eight months.

Wyile Cider Barn at Foxfire Mountain

The Process

Our ciders are blended recipes taken from the different raw cider created. Once a recipe is settled upon, we blend the volume we mean to bottle. This is also when we add the sweeteners/flavors if we are making a sweet or flavored cider. We only use apple juice concentrate or other juice concentrate for sweetening; we will not use processed sugar or corn syrup in our ciders.

Wyile Cider Barn at Foxfire Mountain


Once the blend is complete and mixed well we then run the cider through a fine filtration into our carbonation tank. In this tank is where the carbonation bubbles are added as the cider is still before this point. It takes three to four days to carbonate and then we bottle the cider. Once the cider is bottled, we then pasteurize the cider in bottle to protect flavor and ensure a longer shelf life of the cider. The final step is to label the bottles. Now the cider is ready for the consumer.

Wyile Cider is a family run business located in the Richards Cove area of Sevier County. The cidery is adjacent to the family's other business, Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park, which offers zipline adventures, hiking trails, swinging bridges, ATV tours, and other high adventure outdoor activities.