Pigeon Forge Greenway System: Riverwalk, Patriot Park, Wear Farm & More

The Pigeon Forge Greenway system includes more than 6 miles of trail that you can walk or bike through and around the city. The main drag is the Riverwalk Greenway, following the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River and connecting Patriot Park to The Island and a loop around the Pigeon Forge Community Center. There are also walking areas at Wear Farm Park and along Veterans Boulevard. You can download the Riverwalk map here.

Pigeon Forge Greenway

The Pigeon Forge Greenway system is a fantastic alternative for those of us tired of sitting in traffic on the parkway. The paved paths are great for walking and biking alike and follow some beautiful scenery that you wouldn't otherwise get to experience from the main visual boundaries of the city. Best of all, the greenway connects several fun locations in the heart of Pigeon Forge, making it easy to park and walk to your destination.

Pigeon Forge Greenways Map

The Island to Patriot Park

The most popular and most trafficked part of the Pigeon Forge Greenway is around The Island, comprising the center of the Riverwalk, connected by two bridges. From here you can head southwest (toward the LeConte Center parking lot) and continue down the West Prong toward North River Road.

The Island

The distance from The Island to Patriot Park via the Riverwalk Greenway is about a mile and a half, and the loop around Patriot Park is about a half mile. The total distance of the Riverwalk greenway is almost exactly four miles from the Community Center loop all the way to Patriot Park.

Pigeon Forge Greenway

The Island to City Park

Alternatively you can head northwest from The Island for about one mile to reach the walking loop near the Pigeon Forge Community Center. This part of the greenway crosses over the parkway just north of Wears Valley Road and continues to follow the river. Upon reaching Community Center Drive, you can continue right on the greenway for a nice loop around the city park. You'll find yourself beside the public library and continue straight to complete the loop after another mile.

For more information about the city's existing greenway system as well as proposed additions to the system, please visit the city of Pigeon Forge's website. You can also download a map of the Sevierville Greenway system here.

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